Prospectors | Fundraising conversation w/Feralchain

F: Need to focus on budget & roadmap

F: ? Do you see Chainverse as an interface, a front-end on-top of Etherscan?

  • What I’m trying to understand if the business model come through?
  • Diamond DAO is responsible for building the platform

F: For investors it’s very overwhelming, because there’s a lot. There’s data, there’s the business case, and then there’s Web3. In your head, the idea is very clear and infinitely expandable, but for others it’s overwhelming.

F: There may need to be a Diamond DAO deck and a Chainverse sales deck, where the Chainverse sales deck focuses on the value proposition of the content, focus on what it enables, why it is reliable.

  • Even when people get it they can’t explain it to anyone else

F: Diamond DAO is saying we can get people to collaborate at scale to build datasets that are difficult to build and maintain individually

  • First example is Chainverse, we picked it because it’s pretty transparent, we want to sell this information into a new industry, 250k on open sea, 18 million on robinhood, we can become the onramp for investors, members, etc

F: Examples are infinite, you can say Bloomberg, whatever

  • Competition is on a product by product example, i.e. competition for Chainverse different than competition for NFTs different from competition for political scorecard
  • TAM is relevant because TAM is infinite

F: Chainverse is different when it comes to TAM

  • You can scope it better
  • Need to lay out the competition in the space
  • You can lay out roadmap for expanding into other areas

F: Insight is that web3 makes it easier to coordinate datasets in a way that would be impossible to do in web2

  • Get people from different organizations to collaborate while getting paid for their work
  • 2x2, do open source for free, web3 makes open source and paid possible

F: Amazon example,

F: What do we focus on now and what do we focus on later.

  • So really focus on Chainverse/Diamond DAO generically in our materials, and then keep consulting engagements separate
  • All the efforts should focus on building the smallest, complete unit that someone would purchase
  • Pick some take on DAOs
  • Roll out releases topic by topic

J: why now?

  • platforms with GUIs to build to

F: What will differentiate you from Messari/C

  • They can’t afford to really compete with their unit economics; it’s

F: Provide some stats on Chainverse

  • TAM
  • How many DAOs
  • What categories are there?
  • What frameworks do they use?
  • This another another grid thing
  • Note that DAOs are getting funding from VC/PE
  • Business model: sell for a lot one time

Use cases:

  • Onramp new users
  • Market research (customers, partners, users| best practices)


  • Downgrade NFTs