Proposal: Uberhaus Jesters


  • It’s difficult for new DAOs to figure out where they fit in while onboarding to the DAOhaus platform.
  • Current delegates and haus builders have invaluable advice, but no easy way to share it.
  • There’s a disparity between UH’s internal idealistic conversations and it’s external comm’s.
  • There’s a wealth of eclectic and down-to-earth personalities within the UH and we want to shine a light on the inclusive human-elements of the DAO-of-DAOs.
  • Focusing on the compensation mechanics and quantifiable KPIs has inhibited more creative thought.
  • There is a large discrepancy between what Uberhaus is and who Uberhaus could be.


Jesters wield mockery and humor to explore raw reality and deep truths, even those that are sometimes painful to face. They take their trade seriously, which means recognizing the absurdity of anything and everyone else. The levity of this perspective might be considered a superpower, allowing for an artful objective distance that is particularly appropriate to this problem.


The identity of Uberhaus, it’s relationship to DAOhaus, and the lore crafting that disseminates this connection to the larger community requires the creative input of delegates.


Jesters will dedicate themselves to generating “a sense of courtly humors.” We will discuss the identity of UH from the delegate POV, using creative, metaphorical, philosophical, and even comical means to generate the details.


We propose an experiment that will last 8 weeks, with 4 core contributors, each committing 2 hr/week over 2 weekly sessions, dedicated to divergence + convergence, respectively.

After 8 weeks, if the experiment is deemed a failure, the 4 core participants will at least be able to build upon this learning in the articulation of a more pragmatic alternative.

Brief Procedure

Convergence will take place during the regularly scheduled UH meetings. 1 per week, each dedicated to a different facet of UH ops: UberPaladins, Roadmaping, Delegate issues, and Open-forum.

All 4 Jesters will attend 2 sessions per week. The primary value-add will be considered on the following points:

  • Participation that generates information for other delegates, leading towards increased participation (social, proposals/governance, philosophies, etc.)
  • Workshopping various UH KPIs offered from DH War Camp in relation to delegates.
  • Infuse a sense of humor into the oh so serious courtly purpose of the most Uberist of Haus’s’s.

Brief Mechanics

A DAO will be co-summoned by 4 Jesters and 4 War Camp contributors. The requested funds will be kept in escrow (in a minion) until the completion of the 8 week experiment, at which point the Jesters will make individual funding proposals. If the work is deemed successful, War Camp may add more funds to prolong the work stream, request that a more pragmatic set of deliverables is articulated, or terminate the project.


Budget sketch:

  • Provisional runway of 8 weeks
  • Enough funds for 5 contributors working 2hrs week @ $75/hr
    • $750/week for 8 weeks = $6000

Initial Divergence

Painting <> Architecture = Metaphor <> Manifestation

  • Let’s not call this a marketing initiative. It’s both more and less and of a different demeanor.
  • The purpose is not to provide a brand identity so much as to provide a mirror for the DAO-of-DAOs to observe and track it’s own dynamic character.
  • This involves creating cultural feedback mechanisms so we can consider what kinds of content we are putting out into the ecosystem and why, to conduct our own narrative of how we refer to Uberhaus.

Uberhaus is a Painting

  • Paintings are mirrors and portals.
  • This is an opportunity for outsiders to peer into our world and understand what drives us as a community, to in-vision themselves in our collective image-nation.
  • We should design for maximum openings, to help the community identify entry points for injecting their own DAO-specific agendas into the Uberhaus converation.
  • This leads to increased participation and retention.
  • Allowing us to clearly articulate pain points and DAO needs, which will lead to clear tasks for would-be contributors for getting involved.
  • A painting is an invitation to imagine, not a directive, not prescriptive.
    • We offer a window into the Uberhaus, a mirror-portal.
    • The mirror allows us to observe our own progress and clarify our goals. Michelangelo Pistoletto, Tony Conrad
    • The portal allows outsiders to observe us and identify entry points. Hieronymus Bosch
    • The window is an opening/invitation to new forms of interaction, a reciprocal conduit that reflects and incubates. Dieter Roth, Öyvind Fahlström







Uberhaus is an Architecture

  • DAOhaus is the infrastructure and Uberhaus is the entablature, the frieze on the building that gives the building character and presents the mythology of the civilization of builders.
  • What does the Uberhaus look like? How does it present itself to the world?
    • A postmodern reflective mirror structure that obscure what is inside?
    • Hundertwasser-style building, representing the will of the people, brings the inside outside?
    • Bauhaus, a structure of pure formal potential, but striving for total objective neutrality? This is where we currently are, but neutrality can be dangerous. DAOhaus is the Bauhaus, but what is Uberhaus?
    • What we are reaching for is a constantly evolving style that is cool and inviting while also representing to the dynamic community as it exists at any given moment. Uberhaus is Archigram! A city that is designed to evolve and define itself.
  • This work stream strives to provide the scaffolding and the crane, to allow the contents and inhabitants to flow according to their own will and encourage these changes, to present an architecture of imagination that is composable and mutable, modular and dynamic.

    Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles

    The Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, Austria

    Bauhaus Campus, Berlin

    Archigram: Plug-in City

Uberhaus is a Philosophy

  • Mirrors evoke the myth of Narcissus, obsession with our own image/form. If we’re not careful we will fall in!
  • This initiative poses the mirror-pool as a reflection, an unreal world. We exist on the shoreline, still perplexed by our own identity. We must not succumb to the deception of our image.
  • Another fear is that we become Nietzsche’s Übermensch, representing an ideal humanity wielding tyrannical powers, the epitome of total agency and unchecked free will.
  • I humbly propose that we consider a disposition of self-reflection, a composure that allows us to change our own world-view. Donna Haraway challenges us to consider a shift from the Anthropocene to the Chthulucene, a perspectives that does not seek to dominate other entities or to be consumed by them, but to appreciate the essential embeddedness of the actors. Let’s make kin! She presents a wonderful combination of sci-fi mythology and profound existential need for a dying world, embodying the idealism and cooperation of the Uberhaus project.


Gerhard Richter, Kugel I (Sphere I) 1989

Anish Kapoor,
Mother as a Mountain (Black) 1985

Donna Haraway in the zone


I love this and think this is a great idea. Not only does it fit into the narrative/story that DAOHaus is, but I think it’s very much needed.

Worth mentioning I also think the format is well laid out, and frames it like an experiment which will allow us to understand how much more we need to focus on “making DAOHaus digestible”. Understanding this in a very “testable” way is a huge bonus.

One callout - it would be great if we could bring in a jester from outside the DAOHaus/MetaCartel Ecosystem. I think we all know we all like each others humor and stories. Bringing in someone who is unfamiliar with our stories could be a huge add.


Love this idea! I highly support this. There are these characters that already exist within our DAOS. Let’s give them their voice, their platform!


I would be highly interested in this role as well. I would combine the role of the “Jester” and the “Heyoka” of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota tribes.