Proposal: Strong Diamond DAO // Chainverse Showing at ETHDenver 2022

Proposed idea for Chainverse to go big and make a showing at ETHDenver:

ETHDenver main event is Feb 17-20, 2022

The data around the ETHDenver community is available.

All attendees and sponsors and others now have SPORK token, and also some supporters have Bufficorn NFTs, and there are good related POAPs from past events.

Also the ETHDenver crowd is made up of many of the best builders.

I think that Chainverse could cross reference the ETH Denver community (using all this available data) with the DAO communities and produce some VERY interesting data and outputs about the ETHDenver community.

A report released around ETH Denver would get tons of awareness.

Everything good is probably in SPORK and POAP data.

We can definitely do some analytics on SPORK token holders and Bufficorn holders.

An interesting report of this type for people at ETHDenver would be DOPE and get attention.

If desired, could also make a physical newspaper/booklet with some of the interesting outputs.

FYI, there will be lots of money there wanting to buy info/services and also invest too.

ETHDenver is going to be huge this year.



This is an awesome idea; I happen to be writing a bounty for POAP data exploration right now. I’ll suggest focusing on $SPORK DAO.

I think you nailed it @Sky. I’m all for this.

To start: I’d like to do some preliminary UX interviews with the Eth Denver people to understand what kinds of information would be interesting to know about participants as a cohort, have them describe common behaviors, interactions, effects of the conference.

In the future, it would be very relevant to be able to cross-section groups by a token, Poap or NFT *Like we currently disaggregate by DAO membership, separating by event attendance can reveal interesting behaviors that result from people connecting in real life. We all experience how in-person events spawn network rebalancing.

Could owning the same POAP, for instance, be used in calculating an IRL closeness score, relating to the (virtual) closeness score we are already planning on calculating in the MVP? There are so many great theses about IRL events and networks to be explored!

Potential research questions to answer with Eth Denver data analysis -->

As a result of attending the conference:

  1. Do more people buy/sell certain tokens?
  2. Does DAO membership increase overall? Which DAOs increase the most? What does the curve look like over time?
  3. Same for engagement?
  4. Which DAOs become noticeably more aligned? Greatest relative increase in closeness scores.
  5. Does more money flow into/out of DAO treasuries?
  6. Who collected the most POAPs during the conference. (Admittedly this one I personally think is kind of dorky, but hey, people love their POAPs! Mine all end up stuck on the back of my phone, rarely scanned.)
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This is brilliant.

I feel like a solution for events is coalescing:

  • Ops: helping ETH Denver accept the right attendees and design a good experience for them
  • Content/Marketing: Publishing interesting insights about attendees and their behavior after the conference
  • Product development to support events: If our services are useful to ETH Denver, adding whatever features we need to add (i.e. surveys/polling, templated analysis) such that every Web3 event, and potentially event planning platforms (kickback, etc) embed Diamond DAO or our analytics into our product.

Great points. ETHDenver is one of the only free-to attend Ethereum events (MCON was also! - maybe there’s something in the water in Denver), and the crowd is highly curated.

I think this data would be high valuable to ETHDenver during the application process. If it can be done soon enough, maybe we could aim for that.

@steffbrowne let me know if you need any intros also

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We had a call with the organizing team today (thanks @tae). It sounds like there are three workstreams:

  • helping sort applicants into the right events
  • conducting research on how IRL events affect digital community formation
  • doing UX research to see if the polling use case is worth extending beyond DAO health and into things like events

This is quite an interesting idea, tracking the tokens of attendance is definitely highly valuable!
Comments I can think of:

  • Has there been significant activity since the drop in June 26th? Because the forum is fairly dead:
    Good news, the forum is Discourse … I just finished the scrapper xD
  • 40000 people where distributed a token, only 19 have joined the DAO:
    Why is it so tiny?

Overall the activity is low, but this might pick up?

This proposal will be great to parse though! Just sorta need them to actually pick up activity ^^


Great question. I think there may be membership requirements beyond holding the token. A question for our manual researchers! @kath

That being said, I think it would still be interesting to dig into what other DAOs those token holders participate in, etc.

My understanding is that the main function of the DAO is planning ETH Denver. So would expect activity to pick up as we approach February.

In terms of org structure; interesting that they control three different Molochs. Raises interesting questions for how we would report on Spork DAO in Chainverse: as one entity? As multiple entities? Drill down by Moloch?

May be a lot of trouble to go through for a DAO that has less trackable engagement than we would expect.

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I love all of this. Thanks @Sky for the heads up. In addition to support for the ETHDenver planning team, I’ve just finished my attendance application, and a speaker application as well.

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Hey All

I can give some additional background.

So SporkDAO is not an active widespread DAO at this point. It is more a DAO in name. The main operations are currently handled by a trusted “board”. This will expand out over time.

IMPORTANT: The interesting thing about SporkDAO token is that you now have a way to identify all past contributors, sponsors, attendees to ETHDenver. At this point, this is what is valuable about SporkDAO token. You can not do this with other Ethereum IRL events (unless maybe you get some info via POAPs). This is the POWERFUL piece.

What IS interesting is what all of these SporkDAO token holders are doing, creating, contributing to other DAOs and the overall Ethereum ecosystem. ie. putting a value on what types of people are part of the ETHDenver/SporkDAO ecosystem, where this can be leveraged, and identifying the power of the SporkDAO community.

It is interesting to SporkDAO/ETHDenver organizers, but it is also interesting to anyone that is a part of this community.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat more about this.

Thanks for clarifying Sky. I think this is definitely a great area for us to do research. Lots of community interest here. I think that we can start to think about what research questions we want to explore.

I am thinking about two buckets: exploratory and hypothesis testing.

On exploratory we could do a bunch of descriptive stats; what DAOs are they in, what are they investing in, what other events are they attending, demographics, etc.

On hypothesis testing it would be interesting to identify some assumptions we would have about $SPORK holders and what they represent (a scene of people who were early to DAOs/ETH).

Any thoughts on either?

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Nothing too crazy, but my hypothesis is that the past attendees of ETHDenver have a bias towards:

  • being very active in DAOs
  • having sizable holdings of public goods tokens (Gitcoin, ENS, Common Stack, Panvala etc)
  • donating regularly into the ecosystem
  • Attend many ETH events

It would also be interesting to pinpoint what wallets are coming to ETHDenver this year.

How many people are newer to the space because of something like collecting NFTs and showing up to NFT.NYC and will now be coming to ETHDenver for the first time?

Or is the ETHDenver crowd mainly just the DAO crowd, or mainly past attendees? Where are the newer people coming from?

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Super interesting indeed. Basically, this is a “Ground truth” set of early people.

So for Discourse not all users have a Eth wallet associated, but Snapshot does.
Once question I can think of is:
Do SporkDAO holders have a higher share in the Snapshot world than the same number of people selected at random.
Also, could be used across all of chainverse dataset …

Def will keep this in mind when doing some analysis.

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Hi everyone!

As a result of all the awesome discussion in this thread, I performed an analysis trying to solve all the questions you’ve made. Here is a summary of findings and a link to the original analysis:

##1 An ETH Denver participant attends to almost 7x more events compared to an average POAP .

##2 An ETH Denver participant attends to 82% more events after their first participation on ETH Denver, compared to before their participation.

##3 46% of all the ETH Denver participants participate (or participated ) in at least 1 DAO as a member.

##4 An ETH Denver attendee participates in almost 2x the number of DAOs compared to an average DAO member (any DAO).

##5 44% of all the ETH Denver participants have voted in at least 1 proposal.

##6 An ETH Denver attendee votes in almost 2x the number of proposals compared to an average DAO member (any DAO).

Link to analysis: