Proposal: RabbitHole Quest for new Foundations DAO members

Hello Delegates,

After some discussion with the HausDAO folks and some quick delegate feedback we’d like to propose a grant for 1,800 HAUS to create a RabbitHole Quest that drives new users to interact with DAOs on the DAOHaus platform.

Proposal Summary:

Provide a grant to RabbitHole to create a quest on that incentivizes RabbitHole users to join and interact with DAOs on the DAOHaus platform. RabbitHole would verify that users complete all tasks and would reward those that do with HAUS.


RabbitHole is the best place to find new users and contributors for your community. We reward users for actually using and contributing to protocols, which filters for people who are genuinely interested in the community and more likely to be long-term token holders. We have thousands of users that are eager to find new crypto projects, and we have helped projects like Pool Together and The Graph greatly increase their user-base.

RabbitHole users are crypto-native and eager to learn about new ways to explore the crypto eco-system. DAOHaus provides a unique gateway to get involved with a wide variety of DAOs, strongly aligned with what our users are looking for.

As a second-order effect, the quest will help users discover new DAOs that they can interact and get involved with, helping the DAOs that are on the DAOHaus platform. This, in turn, will further strengthen DAOHaus by strengthening the underlying communities of the DAOs that are on the DAOHaus platform.

Proposal details:

Through the UI and quest system, new users will be given a quest to use the DAOHaus app to interact with apps.

Quest steps:

  1. Join the Foundations DAO by having at least 1 share in the DAO
    Join a second DAO by having at least 1 share in the DAO
  2. Make a proposal in Foundations DAO (not including the initial share proposal)
  3. Vote on at least 2 proposals in any DAO
  4. Sponsor or process a proposal in any DAO

Implementation specifics:

  • The first 1500 users to do the tasks and confirm proof on RabbitHole by signing a message will receive 1 HAUS.
  • This quest will run for a one week period. If some of the rewards aren’t redeemed, they will be sent back to DAOHaus.
  • Everyone who completes the quest will get a DAOHaus themed NFT from RabbitHole.
  • 1800 HAUS in total (300 HAUS will go towards RabbitHole DAO).
  • The 300 HAUS for the RabbitHole DAO will be locked for 1 year and will be used actively in governance as a DAO delegate. We’ll use a future campaign or purchase the necessary amount to join UberHaus.
  • As part of the quest, RabbitHole will create content to guide users through the process and will report on key metrics at the end of the quest.


A RabbitHole quest would align well with the goals of the DAOHaus community to increase awareness and drive new members to the app. DAOHaus will provide RabbitHole users with a new portal to getting involved in the crypto ecosystem.

RabbitHole requires minimal involvement from the project once the quest details are set, making a quest a high-impact, low-effort way to drive results.

We see this first quest as the starting point for a long-term relationship with DAOHaus. RabbitHole is looking to become the place where DAOs find the people they need, whether it is users, token holders, or contributors. As our product evolves and DAOHaus’ needs evolve, we can collaborate on further quests that incentivize any on-chain action that benefits the DAOHaus community.

We look forward to driving a new pool of dedicated users to DAOHaus!


Join a second DAO by having at least 1 share in the DAO

This will likely cause some excess spam in other ecosystem daos so we’ll remove that from this campaign.

Rabbithole has a Skills feature and different tracks, could this task be integrated into a separate DAO track and further down the line also have a quest for summoning a DAO? DAOHaus this way will continue to enjoy eyeballs for a longer period even after the quest expires and this way a greater ROI for the HAUS transferred.

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