Proposal Noondao

Project Title: NoonDao


NoonDAO is the first decentralized organization established to serve and empower Arab women in the blockchain sphere to offer a way to achieve greater transparency, trust, adaptability, and speed. Our aim is to deploy resources needed to all Arab women who would like to join a new field by offering a Web3 train that stops in each country or create an opportunity for them to network within the stops.

Manifesto/Vision, Problem & Solution


Bridging Arab women worldwide to work together and collaborate on blockchain projects.


Implement a strong network and empower the Arab women community by facilitating access to creative minds, raising capital, and offering resources, and the latest technology through talent matchmaking.


As the blockchain industry becomes the new standard, Arab women are joining and becoming more involved with contributing to the industry. However, there are no communities where they can bridge connections, feel inspired, and receive support without language or cultural barriers. Given that there are 22 Arab countries with approximately 48% of the population being females & Arabic is one of the five most spoken languages in the world (Arabic and its different dialects are spoken by more than 436 million speakers), establishing a community that advocates for Arab women empowerment in the blockchain becomes a must.


NoonDAO is the niche solution that was created to build a community to support, empower, and highlight Arab women in the blockchain industry. We would like to assist in the achievement of their career aspirations, facilitate access to creative minds, raise capital, offer resources, and talent matchmaking.

  1. Participation
  • Participating in NoonDAO is simple and encouraged. There are two main categories: Advisors and Members. We are a welcoming community to all Advisors that are blockchain experts and willing to help Arab women in their success
  1. How can I benefit from NoonDAO?

Along with being part of a forward-thinking and driven community, there are several ways you can financially benefit from NoonDAO. Contribute to earn and learn to earn

Revenue stream

  • VCs
  • Angel Investors
  • Grants
  • Sponsorhsips
  • NoonDao Calendar

Dual - Token Model

  • Utility Token (NUT)
  • Governance Token (NGT)


To date, we have held multiple joint meetings to onboard new partners and advisors to scope the deliverables for NoonDao community. Work to date has been to establish the upcoming steps for NoonDAO’s calendar activities.


Our vision is to collaborate with MolochDAO and to achieve one of the SDGs goals, women inclusion and engagement. We aim at setting up a funding pool for reciprocal grants. At a minimum we view the proposal as a way to share knowledge and to reach as many women as possible.


  • Eman Herawy - Developer
  • Mariam Safeh - Operational Manager
  • Kholoud Alyami - Management
  • Nada Jabr - Finance

Grant Request $

We are requesting $100k as a grant from the DAO.

  • NoonDao Calendar activities
  • Meet-ups
  • Conferences
  • Podcast
    *Educational Activities

Help Requested

  • Networking. Help us connect with like minded people with same interest as well as with women who are interested in engaging more in the tech sector.
  • Talent. Finding the right talent is hard balancing budget/skillset.
  • Mentoringship