Proposal: MetaXelerator - an accelerator program for DAOhaus Ecosystem

The MetaXelerator

TL;DR The MetaXelerator (MX) Program is designed to onboard and accelerate new projects into the DAOhaus Ecosystem, while simultaneously acting as a foundational component contributing to the mass exodus from web2 > web3. The MX Program will leverage ‘micro-event’ local meetups and enable anyone to become an event host, ultimately creating a local-area recruiting machine. This initiative incorporates the entire MetaEcosystem (MetaCartel, DAOhaus, Raid Guild etc.) and helps to spread awareness of the incorporated brands while creating more legitimacy for the MX Program.

Local events have great potential to build strong in-person communities around DAOs and should be considered foundational in scaling up much larger events around the world. Forming local communities around DAOs within the MetaEcosystem will also lead to IRL DAOs, which can support contributor co-working spaces and streamline both contributor and project onboarding.

Meshing both the digital and IRL realms in a more fluid process flow will help form deeper connections to our work in DAOs and its intentions (people). DAOs are considered by many to be human-centric tools of coordination, therefore more IRL experiences should be deemed vital to the growth and progression of the space.

With affordable and consistent local meetups designed to act as IRL hubs, the greater MetaCartel ecosystem (DAOhaus/MetaCartel/RaidGuild) will not only become a staple in society that ushers in a new era of organizational structure and coordination tools, but a standard for how to truly DAO it. Real people, working on real projects, making a real impact on the world.

MetaXelerator Program Flow

The MetaXelerator flow consists of clear and concise steps that create a highly efficient process for new projects to deploy fully functional products and communities in an accelerated fashion. This process includes a multi-level vetting procedure, where the projects are reviewed with feedback during each major milestone by organizations within the MetaEcosystem.

While the process highlighted below outlines steps that incorporate full funding and development rounds utilizing the MetaEcosystem, not all steps will be relevant for all projects. Some projects may have developers to build the product, funding to hire Raid Guild on their own, or both and just looking to supplement their overall development.

MetaXelerator process:

Step 1: A MetaXelerator Meetup is held in a MetaXelerator Host’s local area and a new startup is looking for assistance.

Step 2: The MetaXelerator Host connects the project in the DAOhaus Discord and introduces them to UberHAUS. The project then applies for a UberHAUS grant to cover the costs of a Raid Guild consultation and maybe for the specs to be built(?).

Step 3: The Raid Guild consultation goes well and specs are built for an MVP.

Step 4: With the specs built, the project applies for a MetaCartel grant.

Step 5: The project is approved for a grant and should then create a DAO on the DAOhaus platform in order for the core team to manage the grant.

Step 6: Once the grant is secured in the project’s DAO, Raid Guild is hired to build the MVP.

Step 7: After the MVP is built, the project can launch its own token - giving a portion of it as a membership tribute to UberHAUS.

Step 8: With the project’s DAO established and MVP built, it then applies for a MetaCartel Ventures pre-seed round.

Step 9: Once pre-seed is secured in the project’s DAO, it then hires Raid Guild to build the beta version of the product.

Step 10: The project now has a DAO, beta product, token, and UberHAUS membership, so the project launches a PoolHAUS (or CCO) in order to build liquidity and community around the token.

Step 11: With PoolHaus (or CCO) built, the project leverages its partnerships with MetaCartel, DAOhaus and Raid Guild to promote the project and its PoolHAUS (or CCO), to ultimately build liquidity for its token and a strong community around the project.

Step 12: Once the PoolHAUS (or CCO) and community building is a success, the project now has the necessary support to deploy and scale the full release of its product.

Extracting Value

Each project that comes through the MetaXelerator process would be leveraging services provided by Raid Guild, making use of MetaCartel Grants and Ventures, DAOing up and joining UberHAUS and deploying a portion of their native tokens back into the MetaEcosystem, and bringing more value and users to the DAOhaus platform.


The MetaXelerator hosts / contributors will act as guides, or MetaGuides, offering a supportive role for the projects going through the MetaXelerator program, track their progression and record KPIs.

MetaXelerator (MX) DAO

The MetaXelerator DAO will be the coordination and execution point for MX hosts and general contributors. The MX DAO is where funding will be requested from UberHAUS and MetaCartel, new MX hosts and contributors can be approved, and funding distributed for overhead and compensation.

Offering proper incentive with long term benefits will be vital to the MetaXelerator’s success.

Incentive Model for MetaXelerator Hosts / Contributors

The incentive model will revolve around the MetaXelerator DAO leveraging UberHAUS, MetaCartel and various sponsors for funding to compensate the MX Hosts and contributors.

  • Offer grants to cover the costs of the meetups and pay to cover the time spent organizing and hosting the meetups.
  • Give a special Discord role for MetaXelerator Hosts/contributors across the MetaEcosystem.
  • Incorporate POAPs (for both the Hosts and attendees) for each event.
  • Bonuses for MX Hosts/DAO based on KPIs

Sponsorship Opportunities

The MetaXelerator DAO will accept sponsorships in the form of Loot tributes for advertisement abilities at the MX events and exclusive access to MX Projects.

Starting a MetaXelerator Meetup Event

Anyone can start a local MetaXelerator meetup by first creating a proposal to join the MX DAO, then becoming an MX Host and requesting funding from its treasury. The meetups can be hosted on the Meetup app, Eventbrite, Kickback, and eventually, after the MX program is more established, through a user dashboard on the MX platform.

Meetup Event Template / Standardized Process

Meetups will be standardized to an extent where successful process flows are implemented based on collected KPIs. Each MX Host or Host Group can still use the opportunity to market their own projects and/or recruit into their DAOs, which still adds value to the MetaEcosystem. Although, if the MetaXelerator Hosts do not perform well or meet the required minimum of projects onboarded, they will lose their ability to host these events.

Each MetaXelerator event will have:

  • An official MetaXelerator banner
  • Basic guidelines for the event flow
  • A POAP to distribute to the Attendees
  • Complimentary food and/or drinks

Event Flow and Pitch Template

A standardized event flow will make it easy for the MX hosts to pop-up events and follow basic guidelines. A template for pitching these events will be available for the MX Hosts, something that can be used for advertising the events and displaying it within event apps (deck, content, design).

Tracking KPIs

Our hypothesis is that IRL events offer high-quality interaction points that can onboard an untapped population base into Web 3. We believe these events can scale in a high-quality, operationally-light manner. To help measure MX viability and success we outline KPIs we will aim to track during our first few pilot programmes.

Untapped potential/markets

  • %/# of attendees who were not in Web3/DAOs before MX
  • %/# of attendees who understand Web3/DAOs after MX
  • %/# of attendees who are activated into Web3/DAOs after MX
  • Attendee growth per region
  • Incremental (unique) dealflow/users into greater MetaEcosystem

Event quality

  • %/# of projects make it through MX
  • Type of projects that make it through MX
  • At what stage of MX do projects fall off
  • Average funding from initial MC grant. Average funding from MC ventures
  • Use of cash, capital efficiency

Operational overhead > benefits of running MX IRL events?

  • Man-hours involved in starting a “Chapter”
  • Budget involved in starting a “Chapter”
  • Man-hours involved in organising an Event
  • Budget involved in organising an Event
  • Man-hours involved in retaining / keeping alive a “Chapter”
  • Budget involved in retaining / keeping alive a “Chapter”

For MX projects

  • community/user growth
  • native token distribution
  • native token value
  • value flow throughout the project
  • use-cases built

Scaling Ideas

IRL DAOhauses

Local community owned or rented co-working spaces that make it easy to recruit more contributors and onboard new projects into the MetaXelerator.

Digital MetaXelerator

Digital MetaXelerator events will also be incorporated into the program flow and will be a major driver for promoting the MX program, making the IRL MX Events more desirable, ultimately bringing in more high quality projects.

Event Partnerships

MX will collaborate with other existing IRL events to onboard more projects into the MX Program.

MX Contributor Roles

  • Event Hosts
  • MetaGuides
  • Doc/Record Keepers
  • KPI Trackers
  • Designers/Devs
  • Marketers
  • Sponsor Ambassadors
  • Strategists
  • Advisers

Grant Requested

The MX DAO is requesting an initial 5,000 DAI (or equivalent value) from UberHAUS DAO for:

  • Writing this paper
  • Establishing the MetaXelerator DAO
  • Recruiting contributors and initial MetaXelerator Hosts
  • Creating official templates for the Hosts
  • Working with a designer to create some banners and order them for the events
  • Organizing the first local MetaXelerator meetups.

While some funds will be used to retroactively compensate for the work listed above, the primary use of funds will be directed to our IRL launch event at ETHDenver (February 11-20th). To meet our target launch date, we will need to continue to refine internal MX processes, establish uniform branding and onboard additional contributors. Most importantly, we must implement/execute our MX launch at ETHDenver. This grant request will help us with navigating an event logistics/submission applicability, refining criteria around submissions (full product, MVP, pitch deck), flow around participant engagement and MX marketing/engagement/awareness.

MX DAO Treasury: 0xe228718b481d867db4669d8549a77a92c172876c
Safe Minion: 0x9438201e791fb3b5ed830fb09ed42dda80a465e5


Authors: @jeremyklein.eth @arentweall @helmass


Great proposal! Where can interested contributors and initial MetaXelerator Hosts reach MetaXelerator DAO?

Hey, you can join the MetaPod Discord (formerly known as MetaXelerator)