Product Residency Proposal - rohan

This is a proposal to serve as a Product resident for 2 months (Feb, March) with Diamond DAO. This is my second product residency, as I also completed one from Nov-Jan.

I will primarily be working on data pipelines and recommendations for chainverse. This month I have been working on the twitter bot and have set up a process for adding data to our new Graph DB directly from curator tweets. I plan on flushing this out and then turning to other data pipelines/migration, writing queries for the front-end, and focusing on recommendations/analytics and automating curation.

I am requesting 4500 wxdai + 30 shares / month with an expected workload of 20-25 hours/week.

About Me
To provide a bit of background, I am currently a CS major at Stanford University with a particular focus on ML. I have published ML work/demos in the past and am currently working on research as well. I also have experience working with data pipelines, both through my prior work, and through my experience at Diamond DAO. You can see some of my work on my github–these are both examples of data pipelines I built for our initial database

You can view my full resume here: