Partnership Proposal - Clubhouse + DAOHaus

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many core members of the DAOHaus and Moloch ecosystems over the last few months and feel highly aligned around a common mission of beating the tragedy of the commons. I left MCON with a renewed sense of clarity on why DAOs are not just important for Clubhouse, its creators and its users but also for the world at large.

Clubhouse’s mission is to increase friendship in the world, and we’re doing that by making it incredibly easy for anyone to create and grow an invite based community of familiar faces and new friends around the globe. Today these communities—called Houses—are free to join, but in the near-term we plan to introduce Paid Membership Houses, where House admins can set a recurring membership fee and members can jointly decide how to use the funds.

We’re excited to build Paid Membership Houses on web3 rails because our long-term vision includes many ideas that aren’t possible in web2, including:

  • Ownership: Give a House’s members to have real ownership in what they are building
  • Interoperability: Let Paid House memberships be used by other web3-enabled tools
  • Liquidity: Where possible, creating liquid markets for the tokens of mature, prominent Paid Houses to create new ways for people to get access to Houses and participate in their governance

In the process of evaluating different solutions to deliver on this vision we came across Moloch V3 / DAOHaus and felt philosophically aligned for several reasons, including:

  • Permissioned membership models: This is the core of Houses, and something we believe is critical to solving the cold-start problem for communities.
  • Self-sovereignty in group environments: Rage Quit is an amazing innovation that solves so many of the core problems that arise in group coordination games. Today Clubhouse lets users “Leave Quietly” from Houses and Rage Quit feels like the option we need.
  • Extensibility: Baal creates a powerful onramp for DAOs, letting them start in a very simple manner that’s hard to mess up and then letting them be upgraded in place as necessary.

We view Moloch V3 and DAOHaus as critical pieces of DAO infrastructure, and we would like to support the ecosystem in a few ways:

  1. Baal security audit: We’ve contracted Quantstamp to perform a security audit of Baal, and are covering the $80K cost of doing so.
  2. V3 code contributions: Members of the Clubhouse engineering team have already submitted PRs to the Baal core library to help extend the framework to support our use case.
  3. ETH Grant: We’d like to offer a 40 ETH grant to support the ongoing development of Developer Tooling (toolbox, contract, etc.).

In exchange, we ask for two considerations:

  1. Membership in Warcamp: We’d like to help contribute to the long-term vision and direction of Moloch by becoming core members of the DAO. We’re flexible in terms of how this happens, but hope this demonstrates our commitment to the long-term here.
  2. Ad hoc developer support: As we develop on Baal and its associated SDKs, we’d like to establish shared communication channels for asking questions and sharing feedback.

If this collaboration is a success, we can envision a world where there are 100,000s of new Moloch DAOs in existence with a cottage industry of service DAOs and dApps that are purpose built to support these new use cases. We can also imagine a continued and deepened relationship between Clubhouse and DAOHaus that builds upon the points mentioned above, along with a slew of new resources and attention on Moloch as the pre-eminent DAO framework.

Overall, we feel that Clubhouse’s partnership with DAOHaus would be good for people and bad for Moloch.


Appreciate the kinds words @jrm.eth. It was great getting to speak with you at MCON2. Clubhouse’s excitement around Web3 and appreciation of the DAOhaus community is encouraging.

It seems we are aligned in building tools helping humans coordinate. And it will be cool to see how DAOs are received by your community.

Thank you so much for running with the Quantstamp audit. That is important to our products and the entire ecosystem. Glad to see your team is excited and jumping in to help out. Looking forward to seeing the report and continuing to improve the contracts.

The grant sounds great. As you know, we have been focused on creating tools to make building DAO apps easier. These funds will help support the effort required release our DAO Toolbox.

The Ad-hoc support is a good way to test how much assistance y’all are going to need. This will be helpful if we want to formalize an agreement. And will be a good way for our team’s to coordinate and see how the relationship might develop.

WRT to membership in Warcamp this is a little tricky. Warcamp is set-up for new members to earn not buy their way in. The 20 HAUS required for the proposal must come from tips or compensation. Individuals on your team who want to contribute should follow the Joining Warcamp DAO process.

This does bring up a larger topic related to HAUS and governance of our tools and apps. I am assuming this post will encourage discussion required for us to start figuring this stuff out. And your feedback will be helpful in coming up with a new model.


Thanks @earth2travis! Totally makes sense w/r/t Warcamp… the broader opportunity we see is figuring out how to get more tightly involved with DAOHaus long-term and we see this as just one potential solution to that. Excited to discuss potential collaborations in more details and figure out the best working relationship here moving forward.


@jrm.eth It was great to meet at MCON and see you join in the DAOhaus workshop!

I am thrilled to see ClubHouse adopting DAOhaus tooling and am further energized by your fervent expression of alignment (putting skin in the game) to coordinate to slay Moloch and overcome Tragedy of the Commons.

ClubHouse embracing DAOhaus tooling and supporting us with not only a grant for an audit, but also with 40 ETH to support further development of our tools so that developers in the community can continue to advance UX for people or developers running their own DAOs is an absolute god send and I am incredibly grateful to work with ClubHouse to help realize our pluralist but collective vision for Members Houses & DAO communities.

My hope is that we can establish a tighter relationship as we work cross-functionally to support each other and foster feedback loops between contributors innovating across our tooling.

In this way, I believe DAOhaus Developer Relations along with the wider community of developers could benefit hugely from a synergistic relationship with developers at ClubHouse working on your specific implementation of Baal & Moloch v3.

My wish as a DAOhaus contributor is to help communities to retain the value they create through the people they serve, and I believe the path to getting there is through empowering developers to craft tighter solutions for DAO member managed communities, where ClubHouse can possibly increase the frequency and quantity of tools made available, which will be expedited in part by our ability to create effective development <> feedback cycles with respect to adoption.

I would second what @earth2travis said and add that there are other paths for aligning with DAOhaus contributors & the core project team that may be setup outside of WarCamp. Maybe we can explore creating a new model together that doesn’t infringe on the established purpose of WarCamp as it exists today, or maybe we can evolve to allow additional types of membership w/ Moloch v3. In any case, excited to discover with y’all what this will look like!

1000% can’t wait to see what we achieve together and how we move these ecosystems forward!

Thank you for the thoughtful proposal and I look forward to collaborating!

Thanks @burleebau, appreciate the kind words- I’m very excited to collaborate with you, too!


I am thrilled for this partnership! It’s a wonderful example of the opportunities we can collectively create for people when we infuse foundational innovations in coordination infrastructure into popular, high quality products.

I’ll spare other readers from my repetitive excitement :wink: – but I do want to underscore a couple things already mentioned:

Similar to @earth2travis, my sense is that DAOhaus protocol / ecosystem governance – rather than Warcamp – is the right place for Clubhouse as an entity to participate in shaping what DAOhaus becomes. Let’s explore some options for how to enable this.

That said, if there are individual(s) from the Clubhouse team that want to contribute directly to Warcamp’s efforts to build and grow DAOhaus, it would be great to work with them!

Welcome to the DAOhaus ecosystem! ::hugs:

I wasn’t 100% sure what to think and have had a few reservations. The f bomb drop in warcamp sold me. I am pretty stoked to see what can be developed from this relationship.
There are definitely more than a few web2 tools that are wearing out their usefulness as tools to be used by web3 communities. Contrary to popular belief, you can fit a square peg in a round hole, you just need to hammer hard, and it ends up fitting, but not perfectly.
There has been a tremendous amount of work over the last year with lots of new, native tools, developed. If the web3 world has a problem, it gets swarmed, sometimes so much that the problem doesn’t just get solved, there are a few options to choose from as well.
I really hope that our teams can create a product that actually has a nice fit and is useful for the users.
Communications, built directly into the DAO is gonna be hot :wink:

Cheers @boilerrat, so excited that the mutual stoked level is high!!

“Communications, built directly into the DAO” will forevermore live rent free in my head :slight_smile:

Clubhouse was an investor’s darling, with exponential growth. Then Twitter Spaces happened and Clubhouse lost their niche market.

What does this have to do with DAOhaus?

I imagine the leadership team at Clubhouse is experiencing challenging meetings with the board. They’re probably being pressured to get the share value back up. One way to do that is with a novel revenue model.

From my perspective, Clubhouse shareholders are interested in DAOhaus because DAOhaus can not only help Clubhouse monetize their Houses, DAOhaus can also help Clubhouse own shares of these Houses. Both of these can potentially affect CMGR price and make shareholders happy, at least for a quarter or two.

From my perspective, leadership at Clubhouse needs to make shareholders happy to keep the ship sailing. And, I don’t doubt that they are personally value aligned with DAOs.

My concern is that shareholder demand for profits will use DAOhaus to extract value from Clubhouse users. My fear is that shareholders will manipulate an exit strategy that leaves DAOhuas as collateral damage.

Thanks to everyone for the support here.

We’d like to remit the 40 ETH, confirming that sending it to the DAOHaus Ecosystem Fund 0x4a9a27d614a74ee5524909ca27bdbcbb7ed3b315 is right?

Assuming yes, we can plan to send this out on Friday!


Grant sent!