Ops Budget Clarification

Hey I wanted to post some clarifications about this proposal - https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x1/0x4dee5bb2e919c5c123b74e7919f6c1984a6bc349/proposals/20

The proposal requests 48000 USDC to pay for various Diamond DAO expenses in November and December. Since we won’t actually be able to access these funds until the latter half of November, we expect them to last into January.

We are batching transactions because mainnet gas costs are prohibitively expensive. @lemp.eth @steffbrowne and I have each spent thousands of dollars on gas to pass proposals. It doesn’t make sense to (collectively) pay $1000 or more in gas to process an $800 travel reimbursement, for instance.

So, I initiated the proposal to make a bulk withdrawal for several different workstreams/categories of operational expenses.

Chainverse development & other developer bounties
We’ve budgeted $24000 over the next two months for Chainverse development. We are targeting a beta by mid-December and an MVP by early January. These funds will support three developers who are (i) implementing the application front-end, (ii) building the back-end infrastructure (i.e. databases) to support the front-end, and (iii) building a Discord bot / related infrastructure for client DAOs to install so we can access and analyze their Discord server data, (iv) developing metrics from on-chain and Discord data to be displayed in the application, (v) a data entry interface our qualitative researchers are using to build the “DAOrectory” backing Chainverse. We also left some slack to cover contingencies that might arise during the course of implementing and deploying

I will convert this 24000 to wxDAI and transfer to Erasmus, the community DAO’s minion for recurring contributor payments.

Research bounties
We’ve budgeted 9000 USDC to bounties for researchers. This will include (a) contributors who are manually gathering data for the DAO reference dataset that will back Chainverse, (b) compensation to community members who conduct UX interviews to help us scope out planned Chainverse features (i.e. polling and surveys), © activation bounties for new members. We envision that this 9000 will last into January.

I will convert this 9000 USDC to wxDAI and send to the Diamond DAO treasury.

Developer bounties
We’ve budgeted 2500 USDC for developer bounties. These funds will cover (a) payouts to new developers who complete activation bounties, (b) payments for completing bounties related to operational needs (i.e. investor token unlock contract, bot to share forum posts in the Discord #governance channel.

I will convert this 2500 USDC to WXDAI and deposit in the community DAO treasury.

Gas / Ops / Travel: 12000 USDC

We are budgeting 12000 USDC for three purposes:

  • Reimbursing participants in Diamond Bank for gas costs: Diamond DAO team members have paid thousands in gas costs to pass proposals on Mainnet. Some investors have also incurred significant gas fees. We expect total reimbursement costs to run somewhere between 6-8000.
  • Operations: We have various operational expenses (i.e. Etherscan API, a different API that we need for on-chain analytics on xDAI network DAOs). Allocating 2-4000 for these (depending on what gas costs add up to). We are also going to have AWS / hosting bills as we continue development on the MVP. We expect this to last beyond January.
  • Travel: 2000 total. So far, only 1200 is budgeted (for me to go to New Mexico for four days to hack with Christian who I’ve never had the chance to meet). We don’t have. These funds will be sent to the Community DAO’s Gnosis SAFE minion.

We will release a a lot of documentation diving into these initiatives in greater depth, a high-level budget for the next few months, and updates on development of Chainverse MVP over the coming weeks.