Opening the DiamondDAO Labs Fund


Working with @amphiboly.eth on this, and in preparation of the release of my research article on the DAO space, and the paper of @xfernando on POAPs, we have opened a new DiamondDAO Labs Fund.

The setup

The labs’ funds are hosted in a Gnosis Safe on the Ethereum blockchain. This will allow donations and sales of NFT on mainnet, easing the collection of funds.
The Gnosis Safe is controlled by the DAO via the GnosisChain (ex xDai) DAO. For this purpose, a Minion has been deployed on GC.
In order for both chains to talk, this setup uses the Zodiac Module, which uses the Arbitrary Message Bridge.

This allows voting on proposals on the Gnosis Chain but control the funds on Ethereum.


For now, I am the signer on the Gnosis Safe. IMPORTANT: I will remove myself as a signer from this safe and leave only the Zodiac Module. However, I wish that we try at least one set of Funds Received on the GnosisSafe, One proposal made on the DAO side, Votes, and Then funds exit the Safe, before removing myself.
The reason is that if anything happened, and we needed to redeploy the module, we would not be able to anymore as we would have lost control of the Safe.

Therefore, I ask for your trust for the time being to maintain control of the Safe.
As soon as we have confirmed that the system is functional, I will remove and send the transactions for it back here.


The gnosis safe address is here:
The Eth relayer address is:

The Minion is here:

  • Gnosis Safe relayer: GnosisChain:0x07F0Da49073AE42Bc0c59eAA6b39438fD9423888
  • Minon contract: GnosisChain:0x1bd5db94d91df9709be4f49688ebe5e1902df1ac

The traces of the creation of the safe

Gas reimbursement

I’ve spent about 145$ worth of Gas to create the system, plus the last transaction that remains to remove the signers on the Gnosis Safe.
I’ll ask for reimbursement when this last transaction is done.

Also I want to thank the DAOHaus discord people who helped confirmed I wasn’t doing a mistake <3

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