Network Support Proposal - Celo Network Being Added to DAOHaus

New Network: CELO

Submission Details

Network Overview

Celo is an EVM-based network that’s a fork of Geth with core contracts that help add dPoS consensus with IBFT, on-chain governance, a treasury and AMM for trading native stable-coins, and a community fund. Celo is also a mobile-first blockchain due to having a unique phone identity system that allows tying someone’s phone number to their on-chain address. Valora is a Celo wallet that utilizes the phone-identity system on mobile.

The Celo community is super passionate about DAOs and believes DAOHaus will be an important platform for all things DAO related on Celo’s network. A few passionate members in the Celo community are also planning to launch ProsperDAO and would love to do it using DAOHaus.

Given the growing interest in DAOs by Celo’s community and the plans around ProsperDAO, and given that Celo is an EVM-based network with TheGraph integration and an Explorer API, we feel Celo is suitable to be included in the DAOHaus list of supported networks.

Also, Celo is a network with the mission of bringing Prosperity to all, so the community focuses a lot on social-impact and emerging market initiatives and activities around environmental impact. With the support of DAOHaus on Celo, it’ll bring on many new forms of DAOs that’ll help folks in diverse markets with on-the-ground off-chain activities and enabling local DAO seeds to form.

We hope DAOHaus will consider Celo as a potential network to be added to the platform.

Technical Implementation

Pull Request for Frontend



Can we get this on chain @burleebau?