Music NFT Collector Funnel Analysis

problem the music artists with the most provenance still haven’t sold nfts yet.

problem many in crypto space unaware of opportunity to collect nfts from their favorite music artists

potential solution show artist breakdown of the followers by their likely interest of buying their nft.

proposal conduct an exploratory data analysis into the collector funnel for a high provenance artist new to web3 with an frontier, grassroots web2 following.**

questions to answer include:

  • where the subject’s followers fall in the following funnel?

owns an ens domain → owns another nft → owns a music nft

  • how do their followers’ nfts break down, eg by medium, contract?

  • what do token holdings, transaction history look like at each level of the funnel

  • can such an analysis generate valuable leads and eventually help close an nft sale?

    • can we segment followers in other relevant ways, eg what their bios say?

tools used jupyter notebook.

Comfort level = Comfortable

Time commitment = 10-15 hours

Stablecoin compensation = 12.5 * 40 = $500

  • Half requested up front, half requested by the end.

Share compensation

  • 10 shares for completing analysis
  • 15 shares the artist implements insights from the analysis into their shilling strategy.
  • 18 shares if the artists publicly mentions deriving value from the analysis / dmndDAO.
  • 20 shares if leads generated from analysis lead to an nft sale.


soundcloud graph analyzer i built
visualization of song tempo vs key

Hey I think this is quite an interesting idea, but I would love to hear more about this funnel you are talking about?
What are the sources of data you plan on using? Is owning an ENS domain really the first step to collecting a music NFT?
Do you have a few case study/artists you can compare? Like a successful artist (Deadmau5?) and non successful one?

i understand dmndDAO possesses a script that associates ens domains with twitter accounts. this in turn associates their wallet address, from which we can analyze their onchain activity along various axes.

i don’t have all the data yet, but with Jordan’s help we’ve already begun to pull data on a subject i already work closely with. i focus on underground and major independent artists as i posses the most subject matter expertise in this niche, and i hypothesize they have the most upside as nft artists.

Yes, there is an ENS twitter scraper, but I don’t believe it’s exhaustive?
Ok, so if I understand right, your point of using ENS domains is to get Twitter data and correlate this to the adoption of NFT?
I am not doubting your expertise :smiley: I’m just trying to see what data pipeline you plan to use.

i plan to work with Jordan to check as many followers of a specific as possible for an ens address. we want to associate twitter accounts with wallet address so we can analyze followers’ onchain activity. anecdotally we know that many in crypto haven’t bought ethereum, many in ethereum haven’t bought nfts, and many in nfts haven’t bought music nfts. so we want to understand the artist’s followers at each level of the funnel with an eye towards moving followers through the funnel.

Ok, so creating a subset of interest and moving from there! makes sense to me :smiley:
Quite eager to see what will come out of it !

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@amphiboly.eth tagging for visibility. still learning to use this forum

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Let me know if I can help with the data collection.

made amendments based on feedback and submit this as the final proposal.



Super cool, I would love to see some more analysis:

  • Out of the 25 twitter profiles, how many of their followers have a ENS / Eth wallet. This would give you a sense of if they retweet how many collectors can they reach!
  • How many NFTs do these 25 address have?
  • Is this ratio the same for other artists? Could you find 2 or 3 more artists to add to this analysis?
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