Monthly Update - January

Monthly Update


January was a busy month for Diamond DAO. We have three major initiatives in February:

  1. Launch Chainverse alpha for internal users.
  2. Select first cohort of Chainverse curators and on-boarding them into Diamond DAO, in preparation for private beta (late March).
  3. Build awareness of Diamond DAO by publishing introductory posts on Mirror, a public fundraising announcement, and research on community health metrics.

These initiatives will position us to launch a private beta in late March.

Direction update

We always envisioned Chainverse as the most comprehensive resource for understanding Web3 communities.

We initially thought that the missing piece was metrics about Web3 communities.

We developed a proof of concept to display some of these metrics to DAO community managers.

Users told us that they were difficult to act on without additional context difficult to consistently collect from existing on-chain data sources.

So, over the past month and a half we’ve reoriented to a bottom-up approach.

First, enable curators to share knowledge about the communities they participate in, to enrich our knowledge graph with critical context.

Next, layer on metrics and analysis by synthesizing insights from users with data from on-chain and off-chain sources.

Later, we will build token-gated features to address specialized use cases related to community discovery and evaluation: investing, DAO to DAO partnerships, recruitment, etc.

We also envision token-gating query access to the underlying graph, so others can integrate Chainverse data into their applications.


We currently hold ~$860,000 in our treasury. We have budgeted $55,000 a month to ensure at least 15 months of runway.

We spent $49,600 in January, supporting work by 10 contributors across three categories:

  • Team: product development, admin & ops tasks | $30,000
  • Product Development: engineering, data analytics, and product design support for Chainverse | $15,700
  • Community bounties: discrete bounties for community members to fund experiments, research, and operations tasks | $3,900

You can review our books in more depth on DAOhaus:

In February we expect team spending to drop to $20,000 offset by increased Product Development spending to fund a product designer and increased community bounty spending to support research in the labs and community development efforts.

Governance and Operations

Our investor token unlock contract is ready; we are waiting for additional information from a few investors before deploying. Investors will be able to claim their tokens on December 23, 2022.

We are engaging Yev Muchnik of Launch Legal to design a legal wrapper for Diamond Bank, which will have tax and liability advantages for participants.


  • The best way you can support us is to participate in our innagural “Curator” cohort. The cohort will begin in late February. Participants will receive perks, including a Chainverse sub-domain (i.e.

  • We are also looking for a community/marketing specialist to attract, engage, and promote our initial cohort of curators.

Stay in touch

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View our roadmap and outstanding bounties in Clarity.

Share our website/s with people who may be interested in contributing to Diamond DAO or using Chainverse.