Monster Raids - $RAID Funding Proposal


Create a Monster Raid DAO to control a pool of $RAID to fund D&D style quests (Monster Raids) where the DAO rewards users for completing Monster Raids and for designing the narratives for raids.

Amount: 500k - 1m $RAID (milestones?)

Why are we doing this?

  • Monster Maps and Monster Holders for holding these NFTs, completing Monster Raids and designing quests.
  • To build incentive mechanisms for people to acquire Monster Maps and Monster NFTs and reward them for completing quests or designing quests (like a Dungeon Master)
  • Create a market for $RAID that are essentially the lifeblood of these quests (e.g. we could make token gated quests)
  • Incentivise community involvement and participation
  • Current players have paid $200k+ in gas
  • Monster Maps brand is so perfectly aligned with RaidGuild
  • This would be another flagship product to add to RaidGuilds armory

Who will be involved?

At first the core contributors and the community will control funds in the Monster Raid DAO, voting on Monster Raid proposals, funding, distribution etc.

Fund Public Goods

  • any funds made by the Monster Maps Dao will go to the RaidGuild to help them fund their interal RIPs and Opensource public goods projects.

Where will this take place?

  • Funding and DAO will be on XDAI
  • V1 Quests and NFTs will be on Mainnet, V2 may move to L2 or sidechain

What is needed?

  • 500,000 RAID
  • A Moloch DAO - (catographers dao already started)
  • A Discord (already created)
  • Possibly some funds to pay devs to create the token gated quest system (or, pay them in NFTs - DAO choice)

Example Monster Raid:

A community member submits a Monster Raid campaign to kill monsters which requires three different Monster NFTs, 1 Monster Map and 100 $RAID to complete - the reward being 1000 $RAID. The community member who designed the quest is rewarded with 100 $RAID for every person that completes the quest.

Contributors to this doc: @lolo @dekanbro


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I’m not opposed to this funding proposal. I’ve got a monster and I’d like to see what we can create with the Monsters and Monster Maps.