Mission of The Ministry

Acheivmentry (The Community is Stronk)

Recognition is good

Every year there are groups and individuals that stand out as note worthy contributors. Many times doing their good work out of pure passion.

We think the greater community would like to recognize these extraordinary contributions.

The problem: a single organization should not be in charge of issuing these awards.

The Ministry of Achievement

Our solution is a ‘dao of daos’ comity

The $CHEIV Token Snapshots

The DAO doesn’t pick the winners, the community will pick the winners.

A token drop ($CHIEV) was initially made to all gitcoin donators. They are the givers, the dream/meme enablers. And really, do you even Ethereum if you haven’t supported projects through gitcoin grants?

Further token drops will be made to members of joining DAOs, award winners, NFT artists, and contributors to Acheivmentry. TBD by DAO

The Ministry of Achievement DAO

  • The comity will be comprised of representative ‘delegates’ from DAOs across the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Vote in or out ‘delegates’ from other DAOs.
  • Manage admin functions around NFT minter.
  • Manage and distribute $CHIEV token.
  • Record, Validate and create awards, nominations and snapshots.

The Wei, The Shannon and 1ups

super dope fresh art NFTs/ Artists will get royalties / Dao will take a cut to sustain

  • The Wei - yearly awards
  • The Shannon - periodic awards through out the year
  • DAO specific achievement and skill certificates
  • 1ups - recognize a co future or worker.