Ministry of Achievements

Achievmintry is an inter-DAO DAO with the purpose of awarding creators in the DAO and the wider Ethereum ecosystem through the mintage of achievement NFTs.

  • Wait, aren’t NFTs transferable? Sure, but the attached data stays the same.

What kind of achievements?

  • Achiever of the month
  • Achiever of the quarter (season)
  • Achiever of the year; think of it sort of as the Nobel’s prize of the Etheruem space.

Achievmint DAO is an xDAI DAO, composed of three members of each of the participating DAOs acting as delegates of the participating DAOs.

Three? Why not two? Just in case the delegates disagree on who to nominate.

In the beginning we’ll be minting achievements and sending them out manually, eventually, a Moloch Minion will handle all of that.

Initial DAOs:

  • MetaCartel
  • Raid Guild
  • MetaFam


  • The winner feels good, gets some visibility & a bit of ETH?
  • Bragging rights
  • Collectibles

Side effects:

  • Competition between players increases productivity
  • The DAOs share more information and possibly collaborate on other things.

So far

Dekan started a Discord, summoned the DAO, minted $CHIEV tokens, airdropped them to all the Gitcoin donors from previous CLR rounds & started a Snapshot.

Next up

Onboard the rest of the people into the DAO, get the first nominees, design the first achievements & vote!


1k DAI, to be used over time for collaborating with NFT artists on designing the achievements & other smaller operational expenses.


I’m for this, lol, but I’m on the team. will get others feedback

This is for ~1k xDAI

Link to proposal