Migrate DAO from Mainnet to xDAI

The xDAI bridge currently only accepts DAI to xDAI transfers. For that reason, migrating is only recommended for DAOs who are only holding DAI in their bank.

Note: A Multitoken bridge is on its way. We’re helping build it so it’s coming fast ;). We’ll update this guide when it is usable.

1. Put a hold on Mainnet activity

When ready to start migrating, tell your community to hold off on submitting new proposals until the migration to xDAI is complete. Depending on the length of your DAO’s voting period, it’ll take at least that long to get the state mirrored on xDAI. Important! Before starting the migration, make sure all proposals are processed and there are no proposals in Queue, Voting, Grace, Ready for Processing.

2. Summon the DAO on xDAI

Visit DAOhaus on xDAI and summon your DAO. Typically you would want to mirror the same settings as the original DAO on mainnet, aside from the token contracts. https://xdai.daohaus.club/summon

3. Submit Proposals to the xDAI DAO

Once the DAO is summoned on xDAI, you basically just have to get all exact Shares and Loot allocated to the exact same members as the one on mainnet. We are working on a migration tool to ease this process, but for now the easiest way to do this to submit Member Proposals for each member and setting appropriate Shares and Loot as found on mainnet. > screenshot of funding proposal > screenshot of member cards in dao?

Important! Be sure to follow proposals on xDAI and ensure they all get voted on by someone so that they pass. Once all proposals have been submitted, sponsored, voted on, and processed, your xDAI DAO is now in sync with your Mainnet DAO. Other than the tokens!

4. Migrate DAO Funds from Main to xDAI

Here are two paths to migrating funds from the dao bank on mainnet to the dao on xDAI. Trusting a member is fast and easy. Using a multisig is more trustless, but VERY hard and time-consuming.

A. Trusting a Member

The quickest, easiest way to migrate funds is to submit a Funding Proposal that sends all the DAI in the Mainnet DAO to a trusted member. The trusted member then simply goes to the xDAI Bridge on Mainnet to bridge the DAI to xDAI. Switch to xDAI network and visit Wrapeth.com to wrap the xDAI into wxDAI. Once wrappd, you can send the wxDAI to the DAO’s contract address.

B. Using Multisigs

Not recommended unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. ALL of your funds can be lost.

You’ll need two multisigs. One on Mainnet and one on xDAI. Gnosis Safe is great but does not have an interface yet on xDAI, so you’ll have to get cozy with Etherscan until there is an interface available.

View Gnosis Safe Help

Alternate Receiver Help


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