MGP (Nov 2021): The DAOist - Dawn DAO and Lisbon Metahub

The DAOist’s DAWN

A DAO governed political organization working on outreach, education and publishing for all DAOs with a base in meatspace.

We want Moloch DAO to be a part of it

Relevant links: / Lisbon aftermovie / Paris aftermovie / Presentation at Liscon / Youtube Channel / Twitter /


We are forming a decentralized political organization to interface with legacy based in Lisbon. This is an invitation to become one of the 5 organizations with a DAOist ambassadorship. Keystone partners that allow us to secure, equip and staff the space and will also be direct beneficiaries of the communications work. For the success of the initiative we’d like them to be of wide ecosystemic relevance. Can’t think of anyone better than Moloch DAO to take part.

It’s un-orthodox to invite Moloch to be a sponsor rather than a grant-giver. In this document we state our case:

“To affect ways of living we need to redefine what the hegemonic success narrative is: What does it mean to live a good life?

Although easier said than done, the historical process is afoot - the Metahub is designed to identify and deploy catalysts for the reaction.”

Beyond the event series, The DAOIst is poised to become a legitimate narrative meta coordination machine for the DAOverse. A meeting space for storytellers, coordinators, technologists and daoplomats working for the benefit of all DAOs and creating cultural public goods that raise all ships.

DAWN DAO is the bootstrapping mechanism for this ecosystem. She will carry the vision beyond the core team, bringing in all past sponsors, on-boarding the Elder’s Circle and opening the door for a new wave of sponsorship offers and initiatives that we outline in this document.

The process will form a group of approximately 300 experienced DAOists from 50+ projects and DAOs who’ll together govern DAWN. (Ambassadorships, Ministries, Past sponsors, Elders and Core).

Funds generated via ambassadorships will be deployed for the physical needs of the embassy - Rent, Furnishings, Equipment and Residency grants.

DAWN will signal decisions to for Core to execute, manage its treasury and act as final say on major political projects of the DAOist, which includes: Funding the grounding of the first Embassy (The Lisbon Metahub), Formation and funding of a full time communications team coordinated from the Metahub working to serve member DAOs and Decide on location, style and scope of future The DAOist events and embassies.

DAWN will also be the beneficiary of profit share in DAOist revenue streams unrelated to event sponsorships.


The DAOIst’s aims to serve as Schelling point for a diverse group of agents dealing with the political consequences of DAOs interfacing with Legacy. We are building a laboratory and incubator of initiatives that tackle the issue from Technology, Policy and Culture tracks. A meme factory for all DAOs.

Having this organization’s governance widely spread across battle tested agents, companies and institutions is Paramount. For this we’ve designed Dawn.


If we leave outreach, lobby, education and communications to the projects most financially incentivised to tackle them we likely won’t be able to out coordinate legacy corporations and government in a way that doesn’t look like business as usual. We’ll just paint new colors on the revolving doors.

This is a transformative moment where an ever growing share of value is coordinated via digital organisations. It is key that it will not fall prey to the same system of crooked incentives it was set up to challenge. And

The better positioned we are to face the upcoming onslaught of regulations and questions that will arise circa DAOs, the less gruesome or ignorant legislation will be. (Hopefully).


Since the DAOist manifested enough coordination to bring so many players of the DAO space under the same roofs, it feels natural to use that momentum to birth a cryptonative political organisation tasked with assisting with the communal task of creating “DAOverse wide foreign policy” and co-own and govern it as ecosystem.

What arises is a think tank that is funded, legitimate and transparent coordinating a coherent agenda. Is constantly at work in between events, keeps the narrative coherent and assists in progressively onboarding interested agents. More coordination, more DAOists, more events, embassies, education and content = A sovereign, resilient, antifragile DAOverse ready to face Molochian opposition.

Product Features:

  • Full time Core Team up to 10 people.
  • Onboarded and Coordinated Elder Circle up to 50 people
  • Permanent physical embassy in Lisbon with Dorm, Media Production Center, Art Space, Office space for ± 25 people.
  • Full time communications team creating content
  • Constantly running event programme
  • Residency Grants with accommodation to agents working on Policy, Tech and Culture
  • Coordination of 4+ Yearly The DAOist Events
  • NFT Governed DAO (Dawn)


All the mentioned projects are underway:

  • Core-Team is now 4 people working full time
  • 10 Elder’s have signaled positive and are doing advisory work
  • Negotiations have been started on a 470 sqm space that could house the Metahub - set to be operational january 1st
  • Communications team hires are underway - One coordinator is on staff and interviews with designers and video makers in the coming weeks.
  • Events programme has started on the Plantasia Bar + Next DAOists being planned for Amsterdam, Denver, Mexico and Barcelona.
  • Custom NFT contracts and DAO rigging under work by Curvelabs

Differentiation (from other projects):

Inclusive over exclusive / Public goods focused / Not aiming for token economy or number go up / Process over product / Dialogue and outwards driven


Felipe Duarte, Luuk Weber, Inga Viugova, Guilherme Maueler, Stefen Delaveaux, Peter Pan (Elder), Travis Wyche (Elder), Auryn McMillan (Elder), Vandal (Elder), Mia Grodsky (Elder), Max Semenchuk (Elder), MetaDreamer (Elder), Peth (Elder), Gonçalo Maria (Elder), James Waugh (Elder), David Mihal (Elder), Jonathan Hineline (Elder)

Grant Request: $

75k USD equivalent to be deployed towards the grounding and operation of the Lisbon Metahub

What the Funds Are For:

Moloch would buy one of the 5 “Ambassadorship” Sponsorship tiers which grants:

Access to the Lisbon Metahub, Master sponsorship equivalent at one “The DAOist”, and governance in Dawn, represented by one Badge to be held at the DAO and a defined number of Delegate tokens to be distributed at leisure to Moloch DAO representatives in Governance. Part of this package includes communications support on spinning the tales of the Moloch DAO’s initiatives where appropriate.

Help Requested:

Participation in Governance, Occasional alignment sync of Agendas and topics, Legitimacy.


We’ve translated the info on the proposal to a more visual form: Please find the deck here

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This feels kind of out-of-scope for Moloch

agree, my initial reaction is that it feels out of scope

I also agree and don’t think this makes sense for Moloch to be a founding ambassador. I think that Moloch should explore DAO-to-DAO relationships, but this doesn’t seem like the most impactful one we should focus on experimenting with.

I think what would be more in scope is a smaller grant going towards producing an upcoming event.

I love this. Felipe is one of the brightest epicenters of righteous socio-cultural activities that I have encountered in the ecosystem. Having heard him speak at countless Haus Parties, DAOist presentations, and 1:1 chats, I am eager to help push his team’s vision further. The points about interfacing with legacy political systems and crafting/curating physical meeting places for extending web3-DAO activities into the meatspace are much needed and IMHO very much aligned with MolochDAO’s history of ideologically subversive proactive civil disobedience for the greater good. Admittedly, this kind of sponsorship proposal is different from what has come through the pipeline in the past, but I would personally love to see more ambitious initiatives on this scale.