MGP (Nov 2021): Creative Platform

1 Project Title

Creative Platform

2 Description

A gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands to collaborate directly and earn rewards using P2E DeFi incentives.

3 Manifesto/Vision

Our mission, is to bring imagination and originality to independent creators by offering services and innovative technology solutions to catapult their careers.

4 Problem

The modern entertainment industry does not allow the creator to develop a real independent career. Access to funding is limited and rarely banked.

Furthermore, creators are benefiting the most from the DeFi tools of the crypto world.

5 Solution

Allow creators to get funded by enabling them to submit to incentivized campaign opportunities from individuals/corporations/brands that believe in emerging talent and invest based on creators’ work for fresh content.

6 Product Features

Creative platform is a gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands to collaborate directly and earn rewards using P2E DeFi incentives.

Creative platform is using Textile to store content and to persist that data permanently using Filecoin. We plan to further integrate Filecoin storage using Ethereum and Polygon bridges into our existing Textile implementation. We use Fleek to host Creative platform on IPFS.

Creative platform uses Chainlink to issue NFTs to winners of raffles using their verifiable random functionality (VRF), and oracles to verify users on our platform by going off-chain to Twitter and verifying against existing Twitter accounts.

Another product feature includes the use of Polygon. Polygon serves as our initial blockchain for release because of their L2 operability. Using Polygon allows our platform to have fast transactions, and low gas fees, which in turn affords our platform a continuous positive web3 user experience.

Creative platform uses easy fiat on-ramp wallets such as Wert and multichain functionality via Venly. This affords us mass adoption appeal by reducing any limitations on how our users interact with the platform.

With the usage of the Superfluid protocol, the Creative platform affords the ability to stream daily royalties to creators when uploaded to streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Beatport, YouTube, etc.) The platform also has the ability to stream social tokens to fans as a reward incentive for fan votes.

Other protocol integration features include Celo, POAP, DaoHaus, OpenSea, Rarible, and Loom SDK.

7 Validation

Creative platform has gained attention of both creatives of multiple industries and brands alike. Recently, Creative platform gained the attention and interest of multi Grammy winning Chicago house record label S+S records and superstar rapper Megan Thee Stallion. New brand interests include Los Angeles based dog streetwear brand Fresh Paws, luxury clothing line Moncler, and luxury Swiss watch brand Breitling.

8 Progress

May 2021: Chainlink chose Creative platform as winners for the ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum hackathon for best use case of Chainlink protocol.

July 2021: Protocol Labs chose Creative platform for best use of Textile storage.

October 2021: Creative platform was chosen by Filecoin to receive a next-step micro grant for our initial integration of, with next steps to integrate Filecoin using Polygon <> Filecoin bridge and Ethereum <> Filecoin bridge.

November 2021: Creative hosted its first Twitter Space alongside Chainlink, where we discussed our integration and what benefit this can present to creatives, fans, and brands. Creative platform distributed an exclusive commemorative Chainlink x Creative POAP for all attendees of the event.

Being a platform that was incubated through multiple hackathons and contributors, we have progressed to a level of 50% completion. With many of the aforementioned features currently in place or under development.

9 Differentiation (from other projects)

The differentiation between our project and others is that we give creatives the ability to develop a career path by earning paid reputations with brands, daily royalties, multichain compatibility, and tools to further their career with DeFi tools (i.e. liquidity pools and ticket staking for individual creator events and needs).

10 Team

Founder/Developer - Gawain “G2” Bracy II

Developer - Rashmi “Torch” Abbigeri

Smart Contract Developer - Ryan “Crispymangoes” Buxman

Community Manager - Delvric “Dee” Tezeno

Marketing - Darnell “I.D.” Bradwell

Content Writing - Bau

11 Grant Request $


12 What Are Funds For

Hiring additional developer help. Whether through contracting experienced web3 developers or a RaidGuild collaboration.

13 Help Requested

Update existing smart contracts, Web3 connectors via smart contract and NextJS UI, IPFS/Filecoin storage management, Subgraph implementation.

14 Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

Our DAO:



Demo: Creative platform Staging Application

Chainlink + Creative partnership blog post (November 9th release)