MGP (Aug 2022): Ethereum Cat Herders

Project Title

Ethereum Cat Herders


Ethereum Cat Herders is a group of individuals, working together to support the Ethereum core developers and the larger Ethereum ecosystem with research, project management and other aspects of communication and coordination.


The Ethereum cat Herders aims to increase support to the Ethereum mainnet with more community involvement. The main tasks the group has performed are:

  • EIP awareness and consensus building

  • Creating & curating educational content

  • Collecting information through surveys & meetings

  • Community building

  • Identifying potentially needed support for client & tools

  • Continuous process improvement


  • EIP awareness and consensus building

  • Collecting information through surveys & meetings

  • Community awareness

  • Identifying potentially needed support for client & tools


  • Creating & curating educational content
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Community building and outreach
  • Onboarding/Help Desk

Product Features

EIPs related

Community communication & coordination


The Ethereum cat Herders has received multiple grants in the past from Moloch & others.

  • MGP Grant (Apr 2022 - $130k USD)
  • MGP grant (Nov 2021 - $125k USD)
  • ESP grant (Q2 2021 - $90k USD)
  • MGP 56 (May 2021- $10k USD for ongoing work)
  • MGP 50 (Nov 2020 - $45k USD for part-time HIC for 6 months)
  • MGP 47 (June 2020 - $30k USD for Notes & Operational expenses for 3 months)

We’ve received kind words from the community leaders supporting the work done by the Cat Herders. (Ref: community feedback on ECH Website)

“Wanted to share I think @EthCatHerders are awesome: they help make ACD and other protocol-related things accessible to more folks with transcripts, blog posts, and video series. It’s also a great way to onboard new Ethereum contributors ” Tim Beiko


Apart from the links shared above, progress by the team can be followed on Twitter and Website. We have gained over 250 users on Discord in the past 3 months. Users are highly engaged in discussion leading over 400 messages per week.

Differentiation (from other projects)

ECH is the only working group whose primary focus is coordination and project management around the Ethereum protocol. It also acts as an onboarding resource for newcomers who wish to contribute to the community.


  • Pooja Ranjan
  • William Schwab
  • zkDoof
  • George Hervey
  • iMan
  • Matt Garnett
  • Jose A.
  • Shubhangi Gokhale
  • Edson Allyon
  • A pool of contributors for meeting notes (~10)

Grant Request $

  • For 6 months* - $170k USD

*This grant request is based on the estimated tasks & resources foreseeable in the near future.

New additions since the last grant round are expenses for resources & tx cost for GitHub & YouTube backup, Wallet Dev test event coordination, and Learn2Earn app development.

What the Funds Are For

  • Herder in chief
  • ECH Podcast
  • Catblazer
  • ECH Ops
  • ECH engineering (EIP bot)
  • EIP editor
  • Public meeting notes
  • ECH website hosting plus misc.

Help Requested

Not Applicable

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

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