Membership Proposal: YalorMewn

Sweat Equity Membership Proposal

For the past 8 months I have been advising the operational arm of Moloch DAO known as Really Boring Guild.

I introduced Ann Willmott to Yalda, who was then leading the RBG initiative. Over the last 8 months I have provided ad hoc advisory services in the form one-on-one calls, strategy sessions, group facilitation, and even assisted briefly with conflict resolution.

As a tribute to Moloch DAO and helping advance its mission I spent this time without request for compensation, recently it was shared with me that the minimum sweat equity threshold was 40 hours to apply for membership.

From April 2021 - Present I have spent between 5-8 hours per week, sometimes more, sometimes less in the actives listed above. With the MolochDAO ops squad, as well as facilitating some conversations with the members.

If we go with the minimum 5 hr x 8 months, that 40 hours reaches the threshold for a single sweat equity share.

I would like to propose an additional $1500 in expenses that were incurred during the December 2021 month, hiring a professional facilitator who was needed to come in and help provide insight and facilitation services to former members of the RBG working group in the service of conflict resolution.

To clarify I am requesting 1 share in the DAO for my work, plus an additional $1500 for external compensation, these will be submitted as 2 proposals so they can be voted on independently.

I hope this proposal is approved so that I can continue to contribute to Moloch DAO moving forward and have a proportional say in the proposal process moving forward.

Funds can be paid to Yalor.eth on mainnet Ethereum (0x66b1De0f14a0ce971F7f248415063D44CAF19398)

~Kind thanks for your consideration.

The sweat equity request seems reasonable to me. It would be good to have confirmation from others to vouch for the work that has been done.

I’m a bit confused about the math. You mention 5-8 hours per week, for 8 months, but then you say “5 hr x 8 months [is] 40 hours”.

The conflict resolution expense feels a bit odd. Is it really the kind of thing that Moloch money should be used for? If this had come up for a vote prior to the expense being incurred, I would have voted against it. So I feel like I probably should now as well, to be consistent, even though that unfortunately leaves you out of pocket.

Sorry to reply so late, I missed this! I can’t answer for the tracking of hours, but I do think we should do support Yalor’s sweat equity membership. He has made connections for us, and spent significant time helping us with issues along the way - suggesting that we work with Ven, Spencer and Dekan on the upgrade for example. An annual review is coming out shortly and from it you will see that a lot of work was accomplished this year, and at a very efficient rate for grant administration. Yalor was a key part of that. His value is well beyond hours spent - he’s one of those people who glues things together and solves problems you never hear about. We should support this, and he would be a great asset to MolochDAO.

I think we should also pay for the facilitation. We needed that to make sure members were treated fairly, and I don’t think it was avoidable. Basically we could have spent a lot more billable hours being blocked and not making progress - so this expense was needed.

However I think these expenses should come from Really Boring Guild’s budget. We already have a sweat equity system in place, where if people have worked a certain number of hours, they can qualify to apply for membership. (The DAO still has to vote them in.)

Yalor, in my opinion you should invoice RBG for one share’s worth of work and $1500, and we can look at those payments in the next multisig on March 1. The work was done for RBG, and the conflict management was directly for RBG. Then we can approve you to apply for membership.

To the DAO - please do vote for Yalor when this proposal goes up - he is an essential person in the ecosystem who does a lot but isn’t always out front taking credit. I support his membership wholeheartedly.

This is good feedback, for the future I will make sure to bring these expenses to the DAO prior to paying for them, but RE: this specific thing it was a sensitive situation that needed quick action and it didn’t serve the interest of the situation to bring it up publicly to the DAO members before we did the sessions.

We can talk about it now if needed, but I think things have since blown over :pray:t4:

Really Boring Guild has paid Yalor for the work we commissioned, and can confirm it is enough work to qualify for sweat equity, the cost of which is covered by RBG. Please vote YES for Yalor’s membership!