Membership Proposal: ricepapi

Hi all, I’m a full-stack developer @ by day and love to hack on side-projects in my free time. For Diamond DAO, I plan on helping by building out the Governance Persona Project.

Governance Personal Project

The Governance Persona project will be a web3 application in which users will be able to submit information regarding their wallet such as but not limited to

  • related wallets
  • demographic info
  • on-chain interests (queried from wallet transactions)

to Diamond Dao in exchange for monetary reward – The reward will be proportional to the quality/quantity of data sent.

The goal of the Governance Persona Project is to provide Diamond Dao a data ingestion entry point to perform analytics/clustering for the various other objects of Diamond Dao.


  • Governance Persona front-end/app for collection of data
  • A solution to store data (currently unsure whether to store on-chain or off-chain, would love some thoughts on this)
    • My thinking on this is that storing on-chain may lead to off-chain data
      collected from users being unintentionally stored on chain.

I am open to suggestions/feedback on this high level proposal. Thanks!

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@lemp.eth @ro4438 i think we should do a session with @steffbrowne to scope this.

My only comment at the moment is that the tokenomics aspect would probably be out of scope for the MVP version of this component.

Would really appreciate Steff’s thoughts on the demographics/polling aspect of this, and how nature of demongraphic data may affect choice of on-chain / off-chain storage (although it looks like Ceramic allows for people to modify on-chain data structures.

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Just wanted to follow-up to this initial proposal with some more details:

  • For the data submitted, I am planning on storing it either in Airtable or Google sheets via its API until Diamond Dao builds out its DB.

To clarify; this proposal includes ultimately putting the data we collect in our data enviornment. So step 1) airtable, step 2) whatever our data env ends up being.

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