Membership Proposal: karmacustodian

Hey y’all. I’m a freelance dev—graduated last year with my degree in math and have been gradually moving into the crypto space since. I also run a math tutoring and consulting company called MosaicMath. I connected with @amphiboly at MCON.

@amphiboly and I have been chatting about how I could contribute to the Chainverse project. I would like to build a discord bot to scrape data from community servers. This would let the Chainverse dashboard expose data like discord membership and onboarding rates (how reliably are new users completing their verification, what is the churn on user message rates, etc). In the future, more advanced metrics might be gleaned through sentiment analysis, interaction with other discord bots, and analysis of high activity hours of the day.

My plan with this is to first build the simplest implementation that captures and stores as much data as the discord api gives, logging users, channels, and messages. This yields a handful of no-brainer data streams that a decent mvp dashboard can be built from.

I think there’s also a unique opportunity to provide some tooling for communities in the bot. If we are building a database from discord, why not let users write custom data to it? The Chainverse bot could be tagged to log todo’s, user “schedules” (when they are most likely to be reachable), and probably other things that communities might thing of. On a longer time horizon, Chainverse might track indicators of contributor churn and add tooling to automate retainment outreach.

Im excited to work on this project. I’m also contributing with and Panvala right now, though I am most motivated by my potential contributions at Chainverse. Till the end of the year, I’ll have between 12-22 hours/week to contribute to DiamondDao. I propose an allocation of 30 governance shares to start my contribution to this project. Discuss!