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My background: Hi all. I have spent over 5 years working in equity research, specifically covering E&P/Refining companies and now single/multi-family homes. Crypto first appeared on my radar in 2013, but I didn’t really do anything (besides a few one-off reports) until I became more involved in 2019. Most recently I have spent time at the Index Coop (with a focus on community). The most recent project I worked on was creating a system to monitor and measure the health of the community (Read). Outside of the Index Coop I like to help with the MetaCartel. I am also working on a “human-interest series” called Behind the Handle.

What I could help with. By leveraging my interest in community, analysis and writing, I think I could add value in various places. For instance, putting together decks to pitch VCs. Creating a community report template (like 10Q) that allows communities we work with to provide feedback to the community at large. Given the background in finance, I could help assist with treasury and or org. strategy as Diamond DAO grows.

Bottom line, I am passionate about the idea and will help where help is most needed :slight_smile:

Finally, I am not sure what to put in Tribute Offered. This might need to be edited retroactively

Thanks all.

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