Membership Guide

Community Contribution Opportunity

Alpha DAO coordinates the decentralized design, development, and distribution of data products and insights.

I am posting this guide on the forum to promote clarity and transparency around the process of becoming a contributor to Alpha DAO.



Anyone can become a member of Alpha DAO by submitting a membership proposal with 100 DAI as Tribute. If approved, members will receive 1 share in return for their tribute.

Membership in the DAO will be required to participate in the design, development, and distribution of Alpha DAO data products.

The CCO will be capped at 50 members.


Contributors will lead the design, development, and operationalization of Alpha DAO’s tools, products, and distribution methods. Contributors are DAO members but DAO members are not contributors.

To become a contributor, submit a membership proposal with at least $5,000 in Tribute. Proposals should include a link to an Alpha DAO forum post describing how the contributor will support Alpha DAO.

If approved, contributors will receive 1 DAO share for each 100 DAI contributed.

@amphiboly.eth is the founding contributor of Alpha DAO and holds 1500 shares. @amphiboly.eth disbursed these shares to themselves prior to the CCO at nominal cost.

The CCO will be capped at 10 additional contributors and 750 shares.

After the CCO

Alpha DAO will use the CCO funds for three purposes:

  • Logistics: Incorporating Wyoming DAO LLC, instantiating Gnosis SAFE wallet, equipment for contributors.

  • Polis: Paying members and contributors for tasks contributing to the design, development, and distribution of Polis data products, including (i) data collection and storage, (ii) data analysis, (iii) distribution (newsletter, Polis ESG index).

  • Tooling: Alpha DAO will develop an MVP for its content request platform. The content request platform will enable outside parties to commission custom research, insights, and datasets from Alpha DAO members and contributors.

Future Share Distribution

The DAO will instantiate with 10,000 shares. Half will eventually be available to contributors who offer at least 5000 DAI in tribute. The other half will be made available to members, affiliates, and partners.

Alpha DAO can increase the share limit after the CCO with a community vote.

Alpha DAO will prioritize decentralizing share distribution after the CCO. Alpha DAO will allow members to offer Tribute for shares, reward members who contribute to Alpha DAO data products with shares, and airdrop shares to engaged community members, aligned protocols, and contributors.

When DAO Haus adds functionality to support share tokenization Alpha DAO will consult the community to determine a prudent path forward for share transferability and liquidity.

Other notes

@amphiboly.eth will establish a DAO LLC as a counter-party for contributors and service providers who prefer to transact with a legal entity.

@amphiboly.eth will consult with the community to flesh out the relationship between Alpha DAO LLC and Alpha DAO after the CCO.

@amphiboly.eth will establish a Gnosis SAFE multi-sig to administer the DAO’s funds when DAO Haus releases its Gnosis integration.

Stay posted

  • Manifesto
  • Polis bounties
  • Product roadmap
  • Treasury management proposals