Membership for Katra

We’re here to serve. And have come for your soul.

I am Skalk delegate of Katra

Spock’s katra was “his essence, everything that was not of the body, his katra, his living spirit…everything that he was, everything that he knew”.

Katra can also be used to transfer a Vulcan’s healing ability to another to aid in regeneration for serious injury.

Before the Vantika incident, Vulcans were the only race Dr. Bashir knew of who had ever performed a synaptic pattern displacement, or the transfer of one individual’s consciousness into another: in their case, the transfer of the katra.

In ancient times, Vulcans were a war-like race, leading to near extinction. Our ancients believed in gods, such as war, peace and death.

  • Culture dedicated to the complete mastery of logic
  • Learning to suppress violent emotions
  • Stoic and secretive
  • Stronger than Humans
  • Legendary honesty

We use an easily identifiable subspace band frequency in communication.

I hail from Ni’Var and worship at the Temple of Amonak

Skalk is a descendant of civil war and student of the original writings of Surak. Afflicted with Pa’nar Syndrome and ostracized from Vulcan society. Lived in solitary for many years becoming stoic and secretive. Cured by the Syrrannite leader T’Pau. Dedicated to the complete mastery of logic and purge of emotions. Became melder able to heal and graft souls but have little faith in others.

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