Membership for Katra DAO

I am Skalk delegate of Katra DAO.

Vulcans hail from the planet Ni’Var. In ancient times, Vulcans were a war-like race, leading to their near extinction. Our ancients believed in gods, such as war, peace and death.

I am a descendant of these wars and became a student of the original writings of Surak. Unfortunately, I was afflicted with Pa’nar Syndrome and ostracized from Vulcan society. This forced me to live in solitary for many years becoming stoic and secretive. My ailments were cured by the Syrrannite leader T’Pau. Since then I have dedicated myself to the complete mastery of logic and purge of emotions. In this time I became a melder able to heal and graft souls but have lost faith in others.

Katra DAO is one of service.

Katra is the Vulcan word for a person’s soul or spirit.

Spock’s katra was “his essence, everything that was not of the body, his katra, his living spirit…everything that he was, everything that he knew”.

Our DAO provides the following services:

Synaptic Pattern Displacement

Transferring of one individual’s consciousness into another


Transferring healing ability to another aiding in regeneration for serious injury

All federation members

“We’re here to serve.”

And have used this so called Y33t to demonstrate our allegiance. We accept tokens of $SPICE and will prioritize injured federation members and those whose souls are in trouble.

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