Member Proposal - ZayiRey - Membership Proposal

Membership Proposal: ZayiRey

I am requesting one share at .4895 ETH as detailed in the MolochDAO Handbook as I have been a part of ReallyBoringGuild and have been contributing to the DAO since August 2021.

I remember hearing about MolochDAO when it first launched and thought it was one of the coolest concepts in crypto at the time! When Ann Willmott surfaced the idea of joining ReallyBoringGuild last year, I was really excited to give it a go. Since then, my main focus has been building the Moloch brand and creating more communication from the DAO to its external community. I have taken on the role of managing the MolochDAO Twitter, and when the Twitter was passed over to me, I believe it was in the 8,000+ to 9,000+ follower count. Now it has 10,500+ followers! This was accomplished by cleaning up the bio, tweeting updates when appropriate, engaging with followers, and responding to inbound messages.

In an effort to continue telling the Moloch story through content creation, I collaborated with Pooja and Christina of RBG to create the Grantee Interview Series on Medium. We interviewed past grantees such as Thomas Jay Rush of True Blocks and Matt Garnett of EIP-3074 to develop blog posts that were then shared across the Moloch community and detailed where past grantee funding had gone and how it has been used. I have also been keeping DAO members up to speed on DAO happenings through the MolochDAO newsletter.

As part of RBG, I have also been involved in defining and creating ongoing grants strategy. I worked with Ann Willmott to chat with current members of the DAO such as Ameen Soleimani, Tim Beiko, Stellar Magnet, and James Young to understand what different DAO members are interested in seeing in future grants rounds. This helped create the call for applications for the Q2 grants round detailed in this blog post and will hopefully support the DAO as it reviews incoming grant proposals.

Please reach out in Discord at ZayiRey#5023 if you have any further questions or comment below and thank you for considering my proposal!

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