Member Proposal - Morning Strategy | Curator Onboarding

Chainverse feeds on data. A beta release will require at least a moderately satiated Chainverse, i.e., one that provides beta users with immediate insight and hints at an even stronger future platform. To populate early Chainverse, we want to seek, select, and onboard an initial group of trusted curators/users (Cohort_1) to supply the data.


  1. develop Chainverse user prompts through regular syncs with engineering and product, community etc.

    • survey, select, test, iterate
  2. develop learning and growth pathways for Cohort_1

    • establish success criteria for Cohort_1
      • consider user retention, user engagement, user succession or advancement
    • consider tiers of curators based on reputation, experience, positioning within a DAO, etc.
    • consider segmenting prompts by tier
  3. develop compensation framework

    • work with community to identify appropriate levels and types of compensation for various activities
  4. develop onboarding and guidance materials

    • methods and tools to bring Cohort_1 onboard
  5. seek and select Cohort_1 curators/users

    • develop application to ensure diversity of users across Web3
    • develop simple evaluation criteria
    • lead community participation in evaluation and selection of candidates

Four weeks, to align with the product and engineering work required to operationalize Chainverse

Requested Compensation

  • 1,250 XDAI upon commencement of the work
  • 1,250 XDAI and 20 shares upon completion of the work
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