Member Proposal - Go big or go home : SoliDAO

Project: SoliDAO
To construct, launch, and maintain a solar energy array and beam energy transmitter in the Earth-Sun L1 orbit.

Energy in space is a limiting factor for industrial growth. Each space structure currently needs its own array of solar panels, often larger than the structure itself. In the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars, where firms will soon begin their mining and mineral processing operations, sunlight is much weaker and energy yields of comparable solar arrays are much lower than those near-Earth orbit.

Solution: SoliDAO will construct the Autonomous Solar System array (ASS) to collect energy near the sun and transmit it via laser to receivers and re-transmitters further out in space. The ASS array will be located between the Earth and Sun where it can collect energy and beam it to customers in Earth or Mars orbit or in the asteroid belt. Energy can then be traded using smart contract tokens.

SoliDAO does not intend to disrupt or revolutionize or create new tech. We will purchase or license existing technology, combining them in a unique way to serve our customers. This will enable us to get to a Proof of Concept in Low Earth Orbit within a year. The proof of concept should consist of collecting energy from the Sun and transmitting it to another structure in orbit around the Earth.

Help Needed: I am a project manager at an aerospace research company, but I can’t do this on my own. We will need contract writers, software developers, and ASS loads of engineers.