: Member Proposal - A Thousand Words

: Member Proposal - A Thousand Words

The world makes me feel many things and sometimes, I believe in my dreams more than anyone else. Because I am someone that takes those moments in a fantasy and hustle them into reality. My journey and legacy is my own and I will always stay true to what makes me the person I am:

Nygilia Khamille McClain. The wanderer, free spirit, and storyteller. A girl with curls all over, melanin rooted from German, Italian, and Caribbean/West Indian background. The identity of many voices.

Born and raised in Albany, New York, I started off as a basketball player and was quite successful at that. This lead me to awards, championships, and eventually overseas in England. A home away from home. This is where I discovered who I really was as an artist. My passion for storytelling, mixed-media, and culture representation in my style grew here. I never knew who I really was until I left the people I loved. Stepped out of my comfort zone and really established myself.

Inspired by RPG games, such as Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, I love the music and diversity of game characters. Really focusing on the importance of identity, empathy, and cultural development. I want to continue telling stories in the digital space that bring perspective to life. After finishing my Virtual Reality styled film in 2019, “Vanity”, it received tons of recognition such as being shortlisted for British Animation Awards.

That’s when I realized this is it. This is what I was born to do. Tell stories and unite others within my creative process/practice. More importantly, doing it from a place of love and exploration.

There are so many stories in the world and I hope each step I take, that I am growing through the process. My universal calling for the future arts and DAO.

Relevent Link: www.nygiliakm.com
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