March/April Update


March and April have been very busy for Diamond DAO.

We onboarded the first cohort of users to Chainverse on April 5th. The cohort included community members from Agora Space, Orca Protocol, DAohaus, LabDAO, JournoDAO, and other innovative Web3 communities.

Feedback from the cohort is guiding the design of improved search and data visualization functionality and more compelling incentives for curators to conduct research on the platform.

Business Development Update - Research Bounties

We have also been in discussions with organizations ranging from investment funds to DAO tooling platforms interested in posting “research bounties” on the platform.

Research bounties will financially reward Chainverse users who contribute insights to Chainverse:

Chainverse search is top of funnel; engaged users can access analytics and context generated by Diamond DAO and Diamond DAO accredited curators; highly-engaged users will dive deeper into longform research carried out by Diamond DAO contributors; highly-engaged users representing organizations with “skin in the game” will commission research from qualified Chainverse users.

Team updates

Jovian, who led the Diamond Research labs, has transitioned out of the Diamond DAO core team to focus on other initiatives – learn more here: DAOhaus

Governance updates

The Diamond DAO core team is finalizing the legal wrapper for Diamond Bank and the services agreement between the core team and Diamond DAO.

We will release more details, including an in-depth explanation of Diamond DAO’s legal structure and governance procedures in late May.


Diamond DAO spent $78,500 in March and April; this is $15,000 below our targeted monthly spend.

Diamond DAO’s treasury holds $730,000: 18 months of runway at our spending levels over the last two months, and 12 months of runway at our projected spend.

For more detail, visit the Diamond DAO treasury or the Diamond Bank treasury.

Help needed

  • Senior full-stack engineer, PD here. Reach out to with leads.
  • Referrals to organizations interested in sponsoring research bounties on Chainverse (i.e. VC funds interested in due diligence bounties, NFT marketplaces interested in identifying under-appreciated talent). Reach out to with leads.
  • Subscribers to our (new) weekly newsletter! Sign up here: Enter Chainverse | Revue
  • Say hi :wave: in the #intros channel of our Discord
  • User interviews! Reach out to to demo Chainverse.