Lucatiel's Membership for Federation

“My name is Lucatiel. I beg of you, remember my name. For I may not myself…”

— Lucatiel of Mirrah

Lucatiel was born into a family of peasants in Mirrah, an unprivileged part of the kingdom. In order to ensure the well-being of her family, Lucatiel and her brother joined the army. At an early age, she and her brother took up fencing together and, eventually, Lucatiel’s skills on the battlefield allowed her to become a knightess of the Order.

Although Lucatiel was a skilled combatant, she was no match for her brother. She claims that her brother was a far better swordsman than she was, as she was never able to defeat him. At some point in her life, her brother disappeared without a trace. After traveling far from the kingdom seeking her brother, she contracted a deep diving curse, leaving her to believe her brother might have fallen victim to the same.

She knows the curse is taking over, and that her memories have begun to fade away, starting with the oldest. She now veraciously traverses the galaxy seeking a cure, and any information about her brother.

  • Character Physical Description
    Ethereal beauty buried beneath deep scars of war. Quick, light, and stealthy, but her most distinctive feature is the metal mask she uses to cover her face. Beneath the mask, half her face shows bearings of a curse.

  • Character Hair
    Long Blonde with sparse white/grey streaks

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