Logo/branding/website musings

I choose Diamond because I think diamonds have attributes we want people to associate with us, our work, and our insights:

  • Brilliant
  • Expensive
  • Beautiful
  • Pure
  • Transluscent / Transparent

There are also parallels with the process of creating insights and data products:

  • Speculators have to identify mines, like the DAO will have to identify opportunities for topics to cover/distribution methods
  • You have to mine the ore (or whatever it’s called), like the data engineers will have to build pipelines to bring in a bunch of data
  • Once you have the ore (or whatever it’s called) you have cut/clean/polish the diamond so it looks like a diamond (product/analytics)
  • You have package your dataset/insight in a way that’s meaningful and engaging for the customer/s (like jewelers, or whatever people who set gemstones on jewelry)

There are also aesthetic considerations:

  • Diamonds sparkle
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy to wink to ETH logo (like our temporary logo does)

One visual I have in mind (and that I’ve been using to explain the concept of Diamond to people):

This is a lazy flowchart for how the Polis product will work. We synthesize data from external sources and it’s refracted outward as insightful rays of light through our distribution/monetization channels: Mirror, Twitter, web apps, etc.

I think we should use a more aesthetic version of this visual (with a diamond, and light beams entering the diamond and then refracting) as a logo, or for a visual on the website/documentation.

Any other logo/branding/marketing thoughts?