Land and Gotchi manager- TBURD

We have tried to create an decentralized workflow around management of MSG guild assets in our GNOSIS.
I propose to become our designated guild operator for land and gotchi by holding our assets in my cold-storage wallet, lending to myself in a new hot-wallet and sending 95% of channeling/emptying of reservoirs back to MSG GNOSIS. I will happily channel/pet/get XP and carryout our farming strategy after we survey our spacious guild HQ parcel.
Hot-Wallet addy : 0xfD8f0d500E8dDf0707236224e02b3d98DD9D8dC7
Cold-Storage addy: 0xc89A3292Eb0a8396A2505deB6195AFA7f83A8A30
I will return the gotchi and land back to gnosis at anytime we decide there’s an easier/logical/decentralized way to carryout our guild strategy, hoping when aavegotchi finalizes the parcel access rights to include our MSG WL we can move the assets back to the GNOSIS.
I take responsibility of all assets and am happy to designate another guild member of our choice as well. Thanks frens. ~ TBURD.ETH

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The way I see it, the guild operatooor/handleooor requests alchemica and gltr from the gnosis as needed for guild discussed farming strategy, and streams those rewards back to gnosis. And gnosis adds to stake or distribution of rewards to members or back into building.
This handleooor responsibility can rotate between members every month if we want. Until the access rights get more developed or we find a better management method I’m happy to be the first handleooor for our assets and happy to discuss better options or give the responsibility to another member if anyone has strong feelings in any way.

I think this is our best option atm until we’ve got more gnosis integration.

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fully support, lesgetit