Jewelers / Prospectors - DXdao Governance 2.0

I think there are some opportunities for Diamond DAO to help DXdao measure “good governance”. This could be a strategic opportunity for us; in addition to liquidity incentives, our data could be used to inform “governance incentives” like those outlined in the Governance 2.0 signal proposal:


New Governance compensation rewards those who participate in “Good Governance”.

  • What is “good governance”?

Good proposals, “good” voting history (manually reviewed by DXdao governance)

To achieve this, each DXdao governance participant will have a “DXD Influence” and “REP Influence” score that is calculated separately, normalized, and then added together at a 50/50 weight to determine overall influence on DXdao governance.

  • DXD influence score is based on length of lockup

  • How do you track members who participate in “good governance.”

REP to be distributed to DXD holders; additional to bonding curve purchasers. Vested DXD to be distributed to active REP addresses.

  • What is an active address?

What do you think is the long term benefits of having this influence score? Is it a credibility thing for a DAO? Is it similar to the impact of Klout for social media?

Welcome Nick! Out of curiosity, how did you find us?

I think a well executed influence score will encourage meaningful participation in DAO governance and potentially reduce attrition; I suspect (this is something we can look into @lemp.eth, @steffbrowne ) that wallets that participate more frequently in governance are less likely to turn-over.

Would also prevent people from joining multiple DAOs for “clout” and then not meaningfully participating in them.

Some risks:

  • Incompatible scores between different DAOs
  • Scores that rely on manual / subjective criteria (i.e. DXdao governance decides if voter participates in “good governance”
  • How to account for users with multiple wallets?
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I’m a delegate for LexDAO in UberHaus.