ISSUE REPORT: In need of "NO" Votes on Proposal 1886

This user (0x9564d7aed0f3bf0d2ca204fc07a6ec75e969fa8b) has submitted a proposal, number 1886, linked below:
1886: Funding Proposal - Request to Join The FoundationsDAO

The problem with this proposal is that it is only offering a tribute of 0.05 WXDAI instead of 1.0 HAUS.

After I have submitted my own “NO” vote, the result is tied 2-to-2, with 18 hours remaining in the voting period.

I am making this post here to draw awareness towards this proposal. Hopefully someone will read this and submit an additional “NO” vote in order to ensure that Proposal 1886 fails.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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