Introduction to the DAOhaus DAO (Public HAUS)

Over the next few months we are excited to release our hard work on V3 as the DAOhaus Protocol and PublicHAUS governance.

The tools to empower DAOs should be open and owned by the public. From the start of development on v3, we wanted to make something as decentralized and open as possible. We envisioned it as a common good and public utility for our space.

Up to this point we have built DAOhaus mainly as a permissioned product DAO named Warcamp. Along with Warcamp the uncirculating supply of HAUS has been watched over and managed by a team of 11 of our most long lasting, trusted and active DAOs (Uberhaus). The permissioned nature of these DAOs allowed us to focus on the production of the tools, infrastructure and talent which now enables us to take the next step in our path to full decentralization.

Join us as we kick off the new protocol and its governing body PUBLIC HAUS.

A New Single System Governance, with the release of the DAOhaus V3 Protocol, begins our journey towards a more inclusive governance system that better incorporates and entangles the larger HAUS holder community. Over time, the roles of Warcamp and Uberhaus, in regards to governance of the Core protocol and HAUS supply, will be absorbed into this new single system.

Why new governance?

We have primarily been running as a permissioned product DAO as Warcamp/Uberhaus. We now have a large distribution of HAUS in the hands of a diverse set of holders. Many of them have shown considerable long term and financial commitment. New governance can leverage the knowledge, engagement and commitment of these holders.

What’s Next?

In the next month we will be launching the first PublicHAUS on mainnet Ethereum. The process will include staking haus into a DAO and in turn receiving governing shares. These shares can be used to delegate to a chosen representative or you can delegate to yourself. The governing body will control future development, maintenance, policies and treasury of the DAOhaus ecosystem.

Call to Action

Do you want to be a verified delegate? Introduce yourself on the forum. Verified delegates will be highlighted during the staking and delegation processes.

Finally: We will be posting more details in the forum and discord so stay tuned