Interacting with DAOs

Where to start

We hope that you’ll end up a member of many DAOs. So rather than bookmarking a million DAO sites, we’ve built an awesome profile page where you can see all of the DAOs you’ve joined. You can also check any open votes, etc. on this page to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

In the future this is also where you can see how many boosts and $HAUS you’ve got.

Finding the Right DAO

If you’re new to the DAO space you can search for and see all of the DAOs created on DAOhaus on the Explore page. Feel free to sort by membership size, DAO type, or other factors.

Joining a DAO

Joining a DAO means joining a new magical internet community. Some DAOs are pretty choosy about who they let in, while others are open to anyone willing to contribute work or pay some DAI / wETH.

The first step to joining a DAO is usually to create a membership proposal where you’ll pledge some amount of “tribute” in exchange for a certain number of shares.

To create a proposal, visit the DAO’s pokemol and follow these steps:

  1. Click the “proposals” button at the bottom.
  2. Then click the big “new proposal” button on the proposal page.
  3. Choose the “member” proposal type.
  4. Enter a proposal name (probably “your name” + membership proposal), how many shares you want, how much tribute you’re giving, a short description of “why you” and a link to any supporting info.

Before you become a full-fledged member, a current member of the DAO will have to sponsor your proposal, then the members will need to vote you in, and, finally, someone will need to process your proposal.

Note you’ll also have to approve the DAO to spend your DAI / wETH / other token before your membership proposal can be processed.

As a reminder, tribute means the DAI, wETH, or other token that the DAO requires to be deposited into the DAO for a new member to join. A DAO will often list the minimum amount of tribute to be requested and how many DAO shares that translates into.

Creating a proposal

Creating a proposal in a DAO is also pretty easy and open to anyone (DAO members and non-members alike).

To create a proposal go to your DAO’s pokemol and follow these few steps:

  1. Click the “proposals” button at the bottom.
  2. Then click the big “new proposal” button on the proposal page.
  3. Choose the type of proposal you want to submit.
  4. Fill in the following information (differs some depending on proposal type):
  • Proposal name (just like it sounds)
  • Link to more info (link to a google doc or anything w/ more info)
  • Applicant address (your wallet address or whoever’s getting the shares, loot, or funds)
  • Tribute offered (money you’re putting in)
  • Payment requested (money you want out)
  • Shares requested (voting shares you want)
  • Loot requested (economic only shares you want)
  1. Submit your proposal.

For special types of proposals like a Whitelist proposal or a Guildkick proposal you’ll submit a slightly different set of information.

Whitelist proposals need the following info:

  • Token ticker (e.g. TKN)
  • Description
  • Token address

GuildKick proposals need the following info:

  • Address of member you want to permanently remove

Life of a proposal (and a bit on voting)

After someone creates a proposal, it will need to go through the following steps before the life of the proposal is complete:

  1. Someone submits the proposal using the steps above.
  2. After one DAO period a member of the DAO can sponsor the proposal (and make a proposal deposit). A proposal must be sponsored before it goes to a vote.
  3. One period after the proposal is sponsored, the members vote on the proposal during the voting period.
  4. There’s a grace period after the voting proposal during which anyone who voted “no” on the proposal (or didn’t vote at all) can rage quit.
  5. The proposal is ready to be processed, which is a step regardless of whether the proposal passed or failed, since this step will give the sponsor back a portion of the deposit and the processor her or his own little reward.

If the proposal passed, then the applicant will be able to withdraw the funds granted to them. If the proposal fails any tribute offered will be returned to the applicant.

One big thing to note re: Moloch DAOs is that votes can pass with a single “yes” vote if there aren’t any no votes. Moloch’s don’t care about quorums, just that the number of “yes” votes > “number of “no” votes at the end of the voting period. If no one votes or the vote ties, it will auto-fail. The proposal will also fail if more than ~30% of the DAO rage quits during the proposal’s grace period.