How to Start an xDAI DAO in less than 30 minutes

Requirements: Metamask Account with a small amount of ETH and DAI in it.

In this post, I’ll breakdown how to convert DAI to xDAI, convert xDAI to wxDAI, then how to summon your very own xDAI DAO with DAOHaus in 4 easy steps.

If you’re totally new to xDAI, here is the What is xDAI? link.
Now, let’s get started!

1. Convert DAI to xDAI.

Visit: DAI Bridge

While connected to the Ethereum Mainnet in your Metamask account and connected to the DAI Bridge site with your wallet, enter in the amount you want to request that you want converted from DAI to xDAI, then approve the transaction in your Metamask. Wait, then enjoy! You now have xDAI!

Check Etherscan with your transaction hash for progress or the ETH transaction list in your Metamask account if it’s taking a long time, then click on the tx and click ‘speed up’ (warning: this will cost more ETH/gas).

2. Connect to the xDAI network with Metamask

Wait for 8 block confirmations on Etherscan from step 1, then you’ll be able to switch to the xDAI network in your Metamask account and see your X amount of xDAI listed.

How do you connect Metamask to the xDAI network?

  1. Select the network tab in your metamask. CustomRPC
  2. Select ‘Custom RPC’
  3. Enter in the following: Network name: xDAI New RPC URL: Chain ID: 100 Symbol: xDAI Block Explorer URL:
  4. Select the xDAI network in Metamask in the same dropdown.
  5. Enjoy xDAI!

3. Wrap our xDAI

Visit: while connected to the xDAI network with the amount of xDAI in your Metamask balance that you want to convert to wxDAI.

  1. Connect your wallet to
  2. Enter in the amount you want to wrap from your xDAI, then click ‘request’.
  3. Confirm the transaction in your Metamask.
  4. Wait!
  5. Enjoy! You now have wxDAI.

How do I get wxDAI to show up in my Metamask?

  1. Click ‘Add Custom Token’ in your Metamask account while connected to xDAI network.
  2. Visit: wxDAI contracts
  3. Copy + pasta the contract address: ‘0xe91D153E0b41518A2Ce8Dd3D7944Fa863463a97d’
  4. Add token!
  5. View your wxDAI in your Metamask.

4. Let’s use wxDAI to summon a DAO with DAOHaus.

  1. Visit: xDAI DAOHaus
  2. Click ‘Summon’ and it will walk you through configuration steps for your DAO such as type of DAO, name, amount of wxDAI required to pledge, then, after config steps are done, summon your DAO!

For more help:

Check out Deke’s video tutorial here

More Support for xDAI (Docs):

DAOHaus Help
xDAI Dapp Migration
xDAI Metamask Instructions

Shill Break:

Want to join a mission-oriented xDAI DAO?

Join me in xDAI DAO! is a free and low-cost resource directory starting in Baltimore, MD, USA. If you’re curious about mission, visit here.

If you’re curious about xDAI DAO (the xDAI DAO I just launched), read this.

How to Join DAO

Requirements: 5 wxDAI.

  1. Connect to the xDAI network on Metamask.
  2. Go to our DAOHaus.
  3. Click ‘Enter the DAO’.
  4. Submit a ‘New Proposal’ for your membership, pledge 5 wxDAI, then wait for voting!
  5. In a few days, you’ll be in on the ground floor!

Congratulations! You’ve launched your xDAI DAO!

Good luck with all your DAO adventures!

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This is awesome. Thanks for posting!

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