How to apply for a grant from MolochDAO

How to apply for a grant from MolochDAO

Revised September 2, 2022

MolochDAO funds projects and individual dedicated to the advancement of the Ethereum blockchain. This typically includes funding people who are creating open source public goods related to improving Ethereum infrastructure, research projects, privacy projects, and sometimes advocacy projects when there are new threats.

  • Sometimes we fund dapps, but it is rare and needs to be really special.
  • We don’t typically fund projects with tokens or VC funding. Go to VentureDAO for that sort of funding.
  • We rarely fund generic DAO proposals without supplying a specific project proposal.

Our website and handbook are out of date and they may not be updated for a couple of weeks. Some changes that you should be aware of:

  • MolochDAO no longer operates under grant cycles.
  • MolochDAO cannot give feedback to everyone on why we cannot fund your proposal.
  • Nobody is available for pitch or video meetings and they are not required. Don’t request a pitch meeting.

The main steps of how MolochDAO will work going forward:

  1. Submit your proposal on the forum, following the template in our handbook & periodically check to see if it has drawn member interest. You can refer to this resource for information on the proposal template.
  2. After you submit, it is good practice to share it once in Discord, to increase your chances of a member seeing it.
  3. At least one MolochDAO member needs to believe in your proposal so much that they sponsor it.
  4. Once sponsored, the vote begins.

It is not recommended to submit your proposal on-chain unless you know a MolochDAO member is going to sponsor it.

You should understand that MolochDAO is going through a phase out period, where the DAO is winding down. We aren’t funding many projects and we are very selective. Members are super busy working on a lot of other projects and don’t have much time to participate in grant management. Hence it’s best to approach us with low expectations. If you want a lot of feedback or handholding, this isn’t the right DAO to apply for funding.

Good luck & happy grant hunting!

MolochDAO runs on Moloch v2

MolochDAO runs on Moloch v2, a simple, open-source DAO framework. Its simplicity is important for 3 reasons:

  1. Security (less code, less bugs)
  2. Usability (complex tech but easiest to understand and use)
  3. Extensibility (the ability to extend its functionality to meet evolving community needs).

For a brief introduction to DAOs and Molochs specifically, you can catch up via the Moloch V2 Primer for Humans. The latest version of Moloch can be found here.

Moloch was popularized due to its Minimum Viable DAO design and the advent of “ragequit” - a means for members to exit the DAO by exchanging their shares for a pro-rata claim on the treasury’s assets.

The TL;DR of Moloch V2 is that it allows for an optimized treasury and new Proposal Types. Moloch V2 can hold a variety of ERC20 tokens, and allows for anyone (including those without shares) to make a proposal to the DAO.