Guild maascot/ portal/baazaar purchase

HI GAANG! I want to discuss getting a guild aavegotchi from a closed portal or off the baazaar so that we may build on our parcel without having members sacrifice their gotchi yield to serve the guild. Lets discuss options. I’m personally of the opinion that we get a closed portal and go for the summoning, but also safer getting a bazaar gotchi with good kinship/xp/brs .


  1. Closed Portal - 600 GHST at 9/18 2:30pm CST
  2. Baazaar Gotchis 515 BRS or HIGHER for 567 GHST
    3)No Guild Mascot


  1. VRF lucky chance for high brs
    2)More safe bet and “guaranteed” ROI*
    3)keep our funds and wait for lower prices

1)could get a crappy low brs gotchi
2)might be overpriced
3)no way to build on parcel without member donation or more discussion

Cheers! Again I’m happy with whatever heres a screen shot of the gotchi we are looking at off the bazaar.