Grant Seekers Request for Proposal 004

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Grant Seekers RFP004


Grant Seekers RFP004

Project overview

Create a camp who’s core focus is to research, discover, and obtain grants that can (a) support or incentivize adoption of DAOhaus tooling or (b) provide further resources from which to fund development of the DAOhaus core product.

Supporting Links

Active Grant sheet

Submitted by and contact


Expected Goals (include which of the 13 attention points this addresses)

Which of the 13 attention points does this address?

This proposal will directly address our objective to:

  1. Expand Our Current Funding
  2. Incubate New DAOs

This proposal will also have an indirect impact on the objective(s):

  1. Build partnerships with external organizations
  2. Strengthen DAOhaus brand and awareness
  3. Strengthen our user community
  4. Strengthen our developer ecosystem

1-month Goals & Deliverables

  • Deliver & execute polished Optimism Grant proposal to the Optimism forum
    • setup a DAO with members of WC, WF, and OP
    • Create positive-sum “development grants” with explicit criteria or KPIs that support ecosystem growth for both Optimism and DAOhaus.
    • DAO manages distribution of awarded OP to DAOs summoned on Optimism & creating value on the L2 (liquidity provision, building dapps, integrating products, onboarding users to OP)
    • Provide HAUS incentives for project teams / communities that leverage the DAOhaus Yeeter for trust-minimized crowdfunding. Retro rewards distributed upon successful delivery of project deliverables.
  • Deliver & initiate Gnosis DAO Grant proposal phase-1
    • Gather feedback from GnosisDAO on existing proposal
    • Integrate feedback from Gnosis team
    • Post polished proposal to GnosisDAO forum before end of month
    • Generate strong signal from members of GnosisDAO
    • Institue plan for managing the GNO offered by Gnosis DAO e.g (create council, determine participants, support process)

Expected Budget

Grant Seekers

(Priority: Expand our Current Funding)

  • 8.8% of $70k = $6,160 wxDAI
  • 1.3k HAUS Bonus / Retro upon delivery

Expected Timeline

1 month starting July

Optimism & Gnosis DAO Amount Time
Proposal Feedback, Refinement, & Consensus Finding 660 wxDAI ~1 week
Engage Key stakeholders, Setup DAOs, Establish processes 2,250 wxDAI ~1 week
Obtain funding, distribute responsibilities, and refine guidelines for project teams to receive grant funding 3,250 wxDAI ~2 weeks
Total Due 6,160 wxDAI ~1 month

Metrics on success

  • Did we get approved for funding?
    • why/why not?
  • Were we able to effectively secure grant funding through the means described in our grant proposal(s)
    • if not, why?
  • Are the grant funds being managed as indicated in the proposal?
    • if not, why?
  • Were the grant funds distributed as proposed in the original grant proposal(s)?
    • if not, why?
  • Did the Grant proposal extend funding for Warcamp?
    • if not, why?
  • Did the Grant proposal increase the # of DAOs being incubated on DAOhaus
    • if not, why?

Submission Requirements

  • Team and Roles, monthly comp
  • Completion Date
  • Any current work or supporting links
  • Roadmap/phases
  • DAO/Safe/Yeeter that will manage the funds
  • How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?

I have a couple concerns/questions about this RFP.

1. This is not the time for this Optimism grant

While I support the general concept of applying for grants, I do not think it is a good idea to go after this particular Optimism grant at this point in time.

The biggest reason is that this grant would not actually extend our runway at all. All of the OP we stand to receive would go towards incentives to use the DAOhaus platform, and could not be used to fund development of DAOhaus.

Worse, winning this grant would actually decrease our runway by requiring the allocation of our scarce resources towards managing the process of distributing the OP to recipient DAOs. This includes the cost to “refine guidelines for project teams to receive grant funding” (from the third line item in the RFP), as well as the time and coordination cost to do the actual distribution of the OP.

If one of our current objectives was to increase usage of the DAOhaus platform, this grant may make sense. Indeed, I suspect a grant like this one will make a lot of sense in 3-6 months (assuming we have actually extended our runway) when we expect to start focusing more on go-to-market activities. But until then, applying for this grant is a bad idea.

2. I suggest that Gnosis grant funds be allocated away from LP incentives and towards DAOhaus development

My reasoning is simple: deeper liquidity for HAUS at this time has very little impact on the survival and success of DAOhaus. It is much more important to sustain development of DAOhaus infrastructure and apps.

If Gnosis were to balk at the $1M number, I would not be upset if we cut out the LP incentive portion entirely.

Also, is only GNO available? Would they be open to granting some portion in DAI or ETH instead? If so, that would greatly increase our flexibility to fund DAOhaus development, since we wouldn’t be in the awkward position of selling GNO to do so.

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There has been a lot of work put into a few other grant proposals as well, notably for Moloch DAO as well as some other discussions. Being that this RFP is specific to Gnosis and Optimisim, I am trying to decide whether to create another RFP with more general terms for the grant seeking workstream or if it would be better to expand on this proposal to include them?

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I do agree with most of the RFP here so I think I would just like to offer some refinements. I think maybe the whole section about which grants are being looked at can be removed, as there are a few other ones that are bring worked on.

Grant Seekers

(Priority: Expand our Current Funding)

  • 8.8% of $70k = $6,160 wxDAI
  • 1.3k HAUS Bonus / Retro upon delivery

My current thinking on compensation for Grant seeking is inspired by BorrowLucid’s offer to have compensation directly related to the success of the grants that someone has contributed on, as a percentage of the grant within reason. This could add the incentive of a contributor presenting high quality applications as it would be directly related to compensation.

There are some aspects of each grant application that will have common processes and information. As each application is submitted it will be important to organize and share the applications so the standards will emerge. So certainly I can see part of the current monthly budget being assigned to “standardize and organize” the grant seeking process, however work on individual grants could be the result of the grants success.

The rest of the RFP looks great to me. I think it is a really good example of an emergent “camp” in the not “yet implemented but yet naturally occurring” DAOhaus Level Up


Make a proposal against this RFP

After speaking with in regards to this RFP I would like to offer the following proposal:

Current Team
Travis Wyche

Note: this team is fluid, depending on the grant, different people are being tapped to assist.

In light of recent events in cryptocurrency markets the runway for completing our major accomplishments has required a drastic tightening of our collective belts, in order to see it through to completion.
Unfortunately some of the cuts have the potential of also cutting deep into the culture of DAOHaus.
It has become clear that we must increase our runway if we are to continue building the way we had been. While it had the unintended side benefit of highlighting the need for focus to complete v3.
As we do not have a current and consistent revenue generating mechanism in warcamp, the need to search for funding has emerged as an area to focus on.
With that, one of the ways to raise a significant amount of capital, is through grants offered by various web 3 agencies.

Our recent study to determine our DAOs priorities pointed to an approximate 8.7% of our focus being placed to increase our funding. After speaking with the current team, nobody wants to be paid any DAI during the application phase.
What I would like to propose is that anybody that works on a grant, receives 8.7% of the grant, to be divided amongst the team, up to a maximum payment of 10k DAO.
This will have the benefit of incentivizing the team to maximize the size of the grants they seek but not make a situation where someone gets paid an extreme amount, over than what would normally be expected for the effort to produce results.

I would also propose a bonus of 5% of the value of a grant in HAUS tokens as a gratuity for a possibly long delay in compensation, which could be as a result of grant givers being slow to respond and beyond the control of the applicants.

Finally, I would like to propose that 500 HAUS per month be paid to the team and split up in order to compensate for administrative tasks for the grant program in general.

Timeline and Grants being Looked At
Some of the grants being looked at are:
Moloch DAO
Protocol Labs
Gnosis DAO
BitDAO (this is potentially an investment as opposed to a grant)

The first application, for Moloch DAO, will be ready before the end of July, same with Radicle. After that we are at the mercy for the grant givers for timelines and this post can be used to update status.

Tasks Required

The applications requires many meetings and research so the writers can write high quality applications. There is also a need to organize and standardize certain aspects of application. The applicant team will also need to stay available to answer questions and attend meetings with grant givers.