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Faces of web3 is a media and storytelling studio for web3. The studio performs the role of a bridge between Web2 and Web3 while providing a collaborative environment for us to experiment with the future of the ownership economy…


Faces of Web3 is a media and storytelling studio for web3. Our mission is to foster the human connection amongst people in the Web3 space. We tell stories about people who live and work in Web3 in order to educate, inform and encourage other people like them.

We are romanticising the lives of ordinary people in Web3 by giving them an avenue to be seen, heard and to craft their own narrative.


Marketing in web3 is a bust, currently, there exists no platforms dedicated to building partnerships, leveraging communities and creating content with humans of web3 as its main focus especially in Nigeria. There is a lack of content creators in Web3 to scale the entire ecosystem.


A Web3 studio for creators that collaborate to create content and experiment with new models of monetization. We aim to document the humans making all kinds of content, building communities, collecting art and developing the Infrastructure behind web3. This means that we can become both the producers and distributors of value in Web3.

Our collective is also one where we can help struggling web3 projects and team with their marketing, storytelling or design because we’ll be building a world class team.


  • #Facesofweb3: This is where we reach out to, interview and write about people in Web3 - from artists, to musicians, to engineers, to CEOs, to VCs.
  • #Spacesofweb3: This is where we essentially recap recorded twitter spaces so that other people can read it.
  • #Projectsinweb3: This is where we spotlight DAOs, projects or art in Web3 - the earliest example of this is a spread we’ve elected to do where we show art of some 1/1 artists and help tell a story of their art.
  • #Thisweekinweb3/Web3in6oseconds: This is where we do a video highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly that has happened in the space weekly. Reference: INQUE Magazine. by Matt Willey — Kickstarter
  • Podcast: Where we voiceover the essay we’ve written so that distribution is easier.
  • FOW3 design, script writing and animation studio: We make absurdist designs using NFT and short film animations that people can commission us for. We’ll write bios, back stories for art and scripts.
  • FOW3 stop motion animation.


In february, with only two founding members, FOW3 got a contract to handle awareness marketing for Astra for their V3 launch. We delivered, taking their twitter following from 3000 - 6,000 in that same month. We have published three profile stories about NFT artists. We are preparing to create even more content, write profile stories, make short animation films and even start a podcast.


Since our inception in January, we’ve published 7 articles via our substack. We’ve also grown to 400 followers in that short time. Web3 is an experiment and we’re continually setting up our platform to fit into what people want to read.


We are focusing on telling stories in captivating yet easy to understand ways, so that the reader is excited to read, share and comment. . The way we improve our content quality is by creating a directory of content creators who want to work in web3. Our goal is to give people in web3 an avenue to be seen, heard and to craft their own narrative.

Grant Request


What the Funds Are For:

To pay the contributors so that we can keep working and to help newbies and new artists in the Web3 space by offering them cash incentives to continue learning and creating.

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appreciate the interest, but i don’t think this project is not addressing a Public Goods coordination failure that Moloch was founded to solve

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