Grant Request: DeFiSlate DAO

DeFiSlate DAO

Objectives: Community Growth / Organic Engagement / Onboard New Users To MetaGammaDelta

Budget: 10 000USD

Tasks & Action Plan:

  • Individual tweets and threads from Andys twitter (

  • Integrations with DeFi protocols to bring them to MetaGammaDelta to onboard as ecosystem

  • Build collaborative opportunities with defi protocols to facilitate marketing and integration efforts

  • DeFi Slate Governance Dashboard: Gov proposals updated on website weekly for all users to see (Updated voting numbers and news on which proposal passes)

  • Create coordinated improvements in marketing + content exposure (tweet engagement, retweets, blog link posting etc)

  • Community building via community calls: Andy to attend community calls and participate in a meaningful way

  • Leverage personal connections and group chats to help MetaGammaDelta gain exposure from other outlets and auxiliary communities (Can expect at least 1-2 integrations with protocols we are connected with)

  • Continue to be a DeFi power user of MetaGammaDelta & learn as much as possible in order to help grow and promote the brand

  • Growth Advising - Ex: Onboarding a NFT bridge infra to MetaGammaDelta to prep further for multichain world

  • Creation of several graphics for marketing and promotions

  • Website marketing - Banner marketing, promotions, Pop up adverts, logo, and links on website

  • Sponsor Highlight Recaps Monthly - Monthly full post of all the content we’ve done for sponsors as well as their updates

  • Omnichannel Content Posting - Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Website, LinkedIn Posting for all content we do together and reposting content and sharing across media partners

  • Access to Media Partners - TBD: Content available to be created with other media outlets like DeFi Times & Dezentralized Finance

  • Governance Proposal Creation - Guaranteed governance proposal creation from DeFi Slate & consistent governance voting from our ENS (we need tokens to do this)

Content Examples

  • onboarding tutorials
  • guest blog posts
  • written AMA’s
  • videos interviews
  • DeFi by Design podcasts
  • community updates & announcements