Grant Proposal: web3 OnlyFans+

Project Title

web3 OnlyFans+


User owned/governed, web3, open adult short-form video platform -


We believe there is a need for “Shopify for Social Media”, where everyone/group/company can create and own their own Tiktok/Instagram like platform.


Known problems with web2 platforms, Tiktok, Instagram.

OnlyFans/Mindgeek/xhamster sucks, engineers and community could do better.

There is no short-form video platform for adult creators, Tiktok banned it, however Short-form adult formed was a huge success, creators need a platform.


We have developed a SaaS solution where everyone can create their own Tiktok/Instagram like social media app (white-label, open, embeddable)

Demo (View on your mobile and add it to homescreen from Safari for full-screen native app experience)

Product Features

Adult Demo


Interest from Adult Communities
Strong interest/waitlist
FANG level Ceo Acquhire Interest
100K+ Revenue with a pilot


Ready to launch, need to polish web3 features

Differentiation (from other projects)

No similar project


I am the developer

Grant Request $

What the Funds Are For
Develop web3 Short-form adult social media
Develop and Explore IRL concepts such as dating/meeting with soulbound reputation tokens

Help Requested

Help entry to the adult industry
DAO formation help
OnChain Payment/Subs Infra

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

this project doesn’t seem like a public good in need of funding that Moloch set out to fund