Grant Proposal - Unisound

Project Title: Unisound

Description: Unisound enables professional, yet undiscovered music producers to gain exposure among a large community while monetizing their samples.

Manifesto/Vision: Our vision is to expose and promote undiscovered music creators with a high-quality product.

Problem: Today, music producers either write and record all the elements used in their songs or hire others to give them a hand with the hard work. Other producers use online sample libraries where famous producers upload their sample packs and sell them. Although this model works well, there are opportunity issues that no one is trying to fix. The best sample pack platforms are extremely limiting when it comes to pack creators; only well-known producers with a massive following get the chance to publish their work, after receiving an invitation. On the flip side, sample pack platforms with no entry barriers tend to lose quality.

Solution: Unisound offers music producers the opportunity to maximize their sample pack monetization by giving them an open marketplace where samples can be bought, sold, and traded, through lower fees than competitors, while providing a safe space on Discord for users to network with new people with similar interests.

Contrasting current sample pack websites that are either extremely strict with content creators, or too relaxed that the quality of the samples is often poor, Unisound is here to fix this dilemma. If producers wish to upload their own sample packs to Unisound, they must meet a set of guidelines that will ensure that the content they are uploading is high quality and original for other producers to download and manipulate these sounds however they want. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), sample pack submissions will be filtered based on the data encoded in each audio file, including bit depth, sample rate, authenticity, and length of both sample pack and individual samples. Moreover, smart contracts will enable safe, quick, and cheap transactions between users and creators.

After downloading all the desired samples, users have access to these through our plugin, Unisounds, which can be downloaded for free and installed in any DAW (digital audio workstation). Having a plugin that contains all your sounds eases the workflow. Rather than trying to find samples in a separate window, you can see all of your downloads in one place, within your production.

Product Features: Mint ERC1155 subscription token, Claim monthly erc1155 purchase token, Transfer erc1155, Pinata metadata integration.

Validation: Business mogul and Unisound advisor, George Howard, has high expectations for this project. It’s the first time he partners with one of his students for a startup.

Progress: We have done market research, written Unisound’s white paper, business model, pitch deck, and business plan. Next step is to raise funds to build the MVP (minimum value proposition).

Differentiation (from other projects): Our competitors sit in two complete opposite sides of the table. On one side they have a high entry barrier for creators, limiting the access to producers who are only invited to join. On the other side there is no entry barrier so everyone can upload their samples. We sit in the middle, where everyone can upload their samples, but only those who follow the quality control will be published. Additionally, we offer a private chat room where all creators and users can interact with each other, learn from other producers, and grow their network.

Team : Our team consists of individuals who have built up their experiences to build and grow Unisound:

Gregorio Torres, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, is a professional music producer who has assisted in recordings by Kanye West, Fito Paez, and successful films such as “Tick Tick Boom,” and “Don’t Look Up.” Before studying at Berklee College of Music, Torres had already organized several exclusive events generating a six-figure profit.

JustRocketCash (JRC) is an NFT enthusiast who has managed to build a six-figure portfolio and reach an estimated 3000% ROI in unrealized gains. To JRC however, the most valuable asset he has accrued is his network. He was handpicked to be a part of select private circles that include big players in the space.

Data Science and Computer Science Senior at Georgia Tech, Andres Ginebra has worked as a VC analyst in GameFi for Georgia Tech VC, and is a member of the Georgia Tech Blockchain club. Some of his additional blockchain experience include being a software developer for Rockwell Automation and a data engineer for P&G.

Starting in 2017 as a blockchain enthusiast, Sarah Negron has studied fundamental analyses for ICOs investments, and worked as a Business Development Lead for SK Chain Advisors, a blockchain consulting firm in London. In 2019 Negron founded CryptoPay, an OTC desk in the Dominican Republic, leading the industry off/on-ramp and resolving one of the biggest problems in the sector. She participated in several incubation programs and contests like Seedstars World Competition 2019, Onclick Ventures Incubator, Cree Banreservas, and others.

Grant Request $ : $24,000

What the Funds Are For :

Front-End Development: $7,500
Legal Fees: $15,000
Inc. Fee LLC: $1,500

Help Requested: N/A

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Gregorio Torres:

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George Howard: