Grant Proposal - UHub Protocol

Project Title: UHub Protocol


This is a proposal for MolochDAO to suport UHub protocol in correcting the Internet’s crisis of trust.

UHub introduces a new model that until now has been impossible to implement. Using encryption technology and P2P network effects, the UHub protocol deploys an economic system designed to reward expertise and curiosity, while penalizing false information. The result is a digital information economy that enables the monetization of expertise used to generate high-quality, truthful information, tailored to the needs of knowledge seekers of all kinds.

Manifesto/Vision, Problem & Solution

The Internet has revolutionized the way we access and share information. More recently, it has given rise to a proliferation of misinformation, fake news, and extractive business models optimized for advertisement clicks. This has led to a crisis of trust in the information we consume and a need for better sources of knowledge.

Although the scientific method has been considered a reliable source of knowledge, data presentation is often complex, and for many it can be difficult to access and understand. These obstacles lead to less trust, and a reliance on amateur interpretations of data and facts. These narratives often conflict with each other, creating a chaotic landscape of opinions that is poorly supported by underlying data. This sea of narratives is parsed and distributed by monetization algorithms to create engagement-driven echo-chambers of information that bombard their audiences with fear-based and sensationalist news. The result is a highly fragmented stream of narratives, many of which misinform or disinform. This divides open societies, impedes collaboration and stalls progress while fomenting strife.

Our society needs a better means to organize and distribute quality information on the Internet. Blockchain technology makes it possible to develop a protocol that incentivizes the production and consumption of quality information without having to resort to centralized editorializing (and the censorship that results) that has accompanied such efforts in the traditional media/social network landscape.

With cryptographic technology, we can build a decentralized, transparent, and secure system for establishing expert consensus narratives by both verifying and rewarding truthful information. In using micro-transactions as both rewards and penalties, the blockchain would be used to drive individuals and organizations to compete to deliver ever-better information to humanity’s knowledge repository, thus synthesizing any complex field of knowledge into accurate and consumable content with the goal of evolving with and increasing the pace of progress.

Our core team consists of experts in blockchain technology, science communication, and knowledge management. We have partners across several industries to ensure the relevance and practicality of our work.

Product Features

How the protocol works

  • Expert contributors and organizations who produce evidence-based knowledge will be able to submit their knowledge for verification and assessment.
  • A decentralized community of experts and stakeholders will review and verify the submitted knowledge, using established criteria and standards.
  • Verified knowledge will be rewarded through user engagement, that can be monetized as a digital token to be earned and spent by participants in the network.
  • User/societal engagement through incentives for insightful queries.
  • The protocol will create a decentralized, transparent, and secure ledger of verified knowledge, which can be accessed and used by individuals and organizations.

Validation & Progress

Since starting the project in Oct 2022, we’ve conducted market research and feasibility studies with Bankless DAO and Bankless Consulting to validate the fundamental components of the protocol we want to create.

We also have a whitepaper written where we explain how the protocol works.

Differentiation (from other projects)

In web3 there is only one other solution being developed to solve a similar problem to the one that U Hub proposes to fix, it is called Golden and it is a knowledge aggregator on different topics. U Hub is different because instead of being simply a wiki, it allows experts to interact with users through Q&A models.

Link to Golden’s page for reference:


  • Sergey Kachur: With an extensive background in pioneering new technology, informatics, a decade-plus in research, 4 years in healthcare administration, and over 10 years in clinical practice, Dr. Kachur developed UMedHub and the UHub protocol.

  • Bankless Consulting Advisors: The world’s first web3-native consulting firm. The BC team has decades of experience in business, technology and finance. As a UHub partner, BC is committed to providing exceptional talent to building out the infrastructure of this expanding decentralized ecosystem.Budget:

Grant Request: 67.43 WETH

We are requesting 67.43 WETH from MolochDAO to create and test the MVP of UHub Protocol, and its documentation.

What the Funds Are For

  1. Conduct a literature review to identify the current state of the art in science communication, knowledge management, and blockchain technology.
  2. Develop a proof-of-concept protocol for incentivizing the production and consumption of evidence-based knowledge on the internet using the findings of the literature review. This will involve designing and implementing the platform, using appropriate blockchain technology and software development tools.

Here’s a budget breakdown

Help Requested: N/A

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

White paper
Budget sheet