Grant Proposal - - Enabling Communities to Invest and Manage Assets in Web3

Project Title - Enabling Communities to Invest and Manage Assets in Web3.

Description is a platform where anyone can create an Investors DAO in seconds and start investing together in on-chain (eg. Protocols, IDOs, NFTs, Project Fundraisers, etc) & off-chain (eg. equity, real estate, yacht, etc) assets. The platform also provides its DAOs deal-flow for projects through its fundraising platform (StationX Pad) where projects can create their token/coin/NFT sale rounds and the DAOs would be the first ones to get access to these deals.


To date, most investments are done by pooling funds on community groups, but all of this happens manually & is centralised. This is a massive set of users who invest with friends/colleagues, anons, fund managers, communities, alphas etc. to share expertise & risk but do it manually by transferring their share of funds to a wallet with no proper tracking of the portfolio. Merely the number of groups (of various sizes) on platforms like telegram/discord where users invest together by manually pooling funds into a wallet to invest in cryptos/NFTs & IDOs is huge. These investments are largely managed on spreadsheets, lack transparency for individual investors & exits are tedious. We’re organising it using StationX for this thriving economy that won’t just let more users create investing clubs (open & closed), but also increase these clubs’ exposure to deal flows where they can invest capital. These clubs will now invest together, set their rules, and grow their portfolios together in cryptos/NFTs & web3 startups. The future opportunity of such clubs when also opened to other investment instruments like tokenized off-chain assets is undoubtedly massive.


Community investing is broken.

  1. Manual & hectic

  2. Funds are collected by one person in their private wallet and all investments are done through that. The entire process is done through telegram/discord groups and addresses, and allocations are maintained on an Excel spreadsheet. Distribution of returns is hectic since that is a manual process as well and is prone to human error.

  3. Lack of Ownership

  4. There’s no proper governance since all the funds are held in a single person’s wallet.

  5. Difficult to keep track

  6. When a person invests in multiple assets, it becomes extremely difficult to keep a track of all their investments


Our dashboard will be simple, truly no-code for investors to create their clubs through a DAO structure, have members join securely & start investing in both on-chain & off-chain assets together, all up & running in under 60 seconds. These clubs on the platform get invited to invest early in IDO deals that are curated on the StationX Pad, thus improving how community & capital work together.

Product Features

Onboarding on StationX takes less than 60 seconds. Go to the StationX onboarding page, fill out club details (Name, Token Name, Investment Currency, Member count & fund size, Quorum) and with one button click, the club’s DAO contract is deployed. Once in, invite users who would deposit funds in exchange for Club Tokens. That’s it, you’re ready to start investing.


Following two years of rapid growth, DAO treasuries hold crypto-assets worth $10.3 billion, with $8.2 billion on Ethereum and $1.3 billion on Solana alone.


Our Beta would be live in the next 30-45 days. For our launch, we have 4+ investor communities to create their clubs & 3+ early stage Web3 startups who are looking to raise through these communities.

Differentiation (from other projects)

Our focus is to enable Investment Clubs to invest in Early-Stage Web3 startups.


We have a strong 7-member core team with expertise in Technology(2), Marketing(3) & Product(2).

Grant Request $


What the Funds Are For

$10K - Legal Compliances

$25K - Hiring Resources in Technology & Marketing

$5K - Marketing & Rewards for early community members

Help Requested

We would like the community to help us in connecting with Investor Communities to onboard them to our platform & early-stage projects to facilitate deal flow. We’re also coming up with our Referal Program where every successful investment introduction will be rewarded.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

LInk to our Deck: Pitch Deck - - Google Slides

Seems a bit out of scope for Moloch. And possibly something that could be funded by investors.

funding an investorDAO doesn’t seem like the type of thing MolochDAO was birthed to fund