Grant Proposal - Record Label Gone Rouge - LNR DAO

Hey everyone,

I’m new here and new to writing grant proposals in the context of Web3. I’m attempting to turn my record label into one with Web3 elements. Laber Nicht Records

Anyways, below I have an idea that I’ve also shared across other grant committees, but is an idea that would love to implement and would love to get some feedback, inspiration, or somebody just to point out all the flaws in it!

If somehow the idea is impressive and would like to get sponsored. I’d love to get into some talks about making this a reality!


Velvet :slight_smile:


Creating a more sustainable and equitable music industry focused on Doing-It-Together.


The problem that musicians, artists, DJs, and music producers face is a lack of resources and financial support. This problem is particularly acute for those not part of the mainstream music industry.

Did you know 66% of independent musicians only make $1,000 a year? Now that also makes it harder for them to have money to pay for the cost of making and distributing music.


The LNR DAO aims to solve these problems by creating an economy around sharing resources and using the BEAT token for transactions. Through the BEAT token, musicians, artists, DJs, and music producers can pay each other for helping one another with aspects of music production, creation, and distribution, such as cover art, mastering, collaboration, features, and more.

We will roll out the project over time.
1st - a b2c marketplace where users can purchase goods from various artists.
2nd - DAO infrastructure to help BEAT holders determine the label’s direction.
3rd - a peer-2-peer marketplace

Just starting out. We have a record label and a community of 20 artists, and 300 fans that are not crypto-native.


  • We’re aiming not to overcomplicate things. We want to keep the buzzword crypto as far away as possible from it. We wish to start step-by-step and not overwhelm our current audience and artists. Our approach will try to take one that is a little more like Reddit.
  • We want to encourage artists to collaborate with one another but also get something in return - BEATs.
  • We’re not creating a platform focused on “Investing in artists” but on “contributing” to their careers through acts of service.

VelvetBastard.Eth - Operations, Jack-of-all-trades, Front-end developer
A German-American DJ with a network of over +300 DJs, promoters, and venues across Europe.

CosmicAras - Social Media, Artist Relations, and PR
A German music producer with years of experience organizing events and festivals and coordinating artists.

Grant Request

Will go into the ERC20 token creation.
Will go to purchasing goods (DAW licenses, Plugins, Keyboards, Sample packs) for the b2c marketplace goods, which will incentivize users to earn bounties so they can earn BEATs.